The Battle

The Sony Xperia line of phones is the first release by Sony on an independent level, as they ended their affiliation with Ericsson after buying out their part of the company. Now, Sony’s mobile division has released their first handset, the Sony Xperia S, which is a high powered third generation device featuring state of the art processing, a beautiful screen and a gorgeous outlook. Samsung, on the other hand, released the Galaxy S3 on the back of very high expectations, as the Samsung Galaxy S2 was voted by many to be the best handset of its generation. The Samsung Galaxy S3 therefore, had to pull off something completely special in order to convince buyers about its improvements and success over its predecessor. In the following comparison, we check out the two devices and determine which of them is better.

The Galaxy S3

Samsung’s latest flagship device has knocked many handsets off the ballpark. The Galaxy S3 provides raw power, a simplistic design and the latest in processing technology, making it one of the most powerful handsets available today. It is the first mobile phone to integrate a quad core processing unit in the form of an Exynos chip, and also has a dedicated 400 MHz Mali graphics processing unit. Safe to say, the phone runs everything without much of a stutter. You can now browse with as many tabs open as you like, while you can also run multiple applications without having to worry about stutters or breaks in frame rates. The phone packs a 8 MP camera with full HD recording and video imaging, while the front facing ‘intelligent’ camera also has several distinct features. For instance, it can track your retina and know when you have fallen asleep, or adjust the screen light accordingly.

Sony Xperia S

Sony Xperia S is all about class and brilliance. The phone runs on a dual core processing unit and has a dedicated GPU of its own, but the 4.3” screen is really complemented by the thin silver lining at the bottom and sharp edges at the corners of the phone. It’s a sharp IPS display with a Bravia engine inside, providing full 720p display. The camera however is 12 MP with a Exmor R sensor, providing beautiful pictures. The 1.5 GHz dual core processing more than lives up to its performance, providing seamless animations and graphics.

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