Enrich your daily life with the best background music. With a sound that fills the surrounding room, the SRS-RA3000 is a compact and easy-to-use wireless speaker that can be installed without a fuss anywhere in the house. Whether you’re sitting on the couch with a good book or cooking up a storm in the kitchen, the ambient sound that fills the room provides the perfect musical background. Enjoy the experience anywhere in the house with this compact wireless speaker. No matter where you install the RA3000, turn it on and play music, and it will automatically tune for optimal audio performance using the built-in microphone and proprietary Sony algorithms. There are no manual measurements or annoying test tones, and the surrounding sounds that fill the room are perfectly ordered.

The speakers support 360-degree reality audio and provide background music both horizontally and vertically. They also support 3D surround sound playback. The speakers are also Spotify Connect compatible and have a built-in Chromecast. It can be connected to a speaker group of Google Home or Amazon Alexa app.

Users can connect their speaker to their smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth. The device allows music to play live in high quality on the user’s home Wi-Fi network. Sony’s unique local voice technology powers the device.

It comes with some intelligent features. Users can control their playlist, set EQ settings, or Sony | The immersive audio enhancement and auto toe volume features can be turned on / off. Music Center App.

Here is a detailed list of smart features that the speaker offers:

Bluetooth® And Wireless:

You can pair your speaker with your tablet or smartphone with the help of Bluetooth technology and start streaming your music playlist seamlessly.

Wi-Fi connectivity:

Use the Wi-Fi connection to access your favorite Internet streaming services through the speaker and control your playlist from your phone.

Spotify Connect™ Compatibility:

Play Spotify directly from your speaker using the Spotify Connect™ app on your device for complete remote control.

Built-in Chromecast:

Stream online radio, music, and podcasts on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to your audio device. Just tap on the cast button.

Multi-Room Music:

The RA3000 can easily be added to the Google Home or Amazon Alexa app in the speaker group. You will then be able to play different songs in your room, or play the same music in your home using the app or through your assistant speaker.

Voice Control:

Do you have a device with built-in Google Assistant or built-in Alexa? In this case, you can use your voice to control your RA3000. Just connect the SRS-RA3000 to your other speakers using the Google Home app or the Amazon Alexa app. You will have to say whether you want to play music, change the volume, or do many other things.

Customize With The Sony:

Download the Sony Music Center app on your smartphone and enjoy wireless control of your music. In addition to selecting playlists or queuing the next song, you can also configure EQ settings.

Automatic Volume Adjustment:

Some tracks play too loud, and some are too quiet, so you constantly adjust the volume. The RA3000 resolves this issue by analyzing each track and automatically playing them back on a decent volume, so you don’t have to do a thing.

Connects Wirelessly To The TV:

Do you want to emphasize the sound of your television? With a solid Bluetooth® connection, a compatible BRAVIA® TV feature sends audio wirelessly to the RA3000 speaker for a more exciting viewing experience. Low latency means that what you hear is precisely in sync with what you see on the screen.

Humidity Resistant:

The RA3000 is moisture-resistant, so that you can use it in potentially humid areas like a kitchen or even a bathroom.

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