The “firefall” is a rare phenomenon that only happens in mid-to-late February when the sun sets to the west of the Horsetail Fall waterfall in Yosemite Park  at a certain angle,it turns the waterfall into a glowing orange “firefall” that attracts photographers from all over the world. There are several conditions that have to be perfect for the sun to reflect off the waterfall in a fiery orange color.

“I know photographers who have been coming out here for 11 years and have only seen it twice,” Sangeeta Dey, one of the photographers who captured the “firefall,” told ABC News today.

Checkout this video from an Instagramer, who has captured a video of this rare view of the “Firefall”

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Hundreds of people gather there everyday to see this beautiful, glowing waterfall, but that doesnt happen every day, during the 10 days in February when its suppose to happen. “Firefall” wasn’t seen in last 4 years, due to drought conditions in California.

[h/t ABC]

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