The popularity of a game is determined by a number of different things. How good it is, what are its main positive points, what it really provides and most of all, can it be played over and over again? For most parts, Temple Run has done a fine job of holding its own in the App Store, with several million downloads already. Another popular aspect that determines the success of an app is the price that it costs, though if an app is priced highly but still offers the great gaming experience and all the other features that it boasts about, it would be a worthwhile purchase for many people. For many people, Temple Run is an intense game.

 In their quest to build an unmatchable high score to boats amongst friends, many people make use of cheats. Cheats provide a completely different way of playing a game, as it unlocks everything, or removes the need for one thing or the other. For a game like Temple Run, you just need to play it once to realize that there have to be a variety of different cheats in that game. Here are a few:

Free Running:

Go to options and turn on the tutorial mode. Then, start the turning tutorial, and when you begin to turn, slide your finger to the side where the turn is being made quite rapidly, and then, you will be able to run for as long as you like.

The Infinite Coin Glitch

Not exactly a cheat, but there is a glitch in the game which allows you to get as many coins as you like. This is available in non-jail broken iPhones as well as jailbroken ones. For the latter, just go to your Cydia app, touch Manage and then go to Sources. Then, just add in the source ‘’ in order to get the IAP Cracker program.

Now, with this program, you can make just as many purchases as you like within the app without any restriction of money.

How to input cheat codes

Cheat codes can be entered on all jail broken iPhones, but those iPhones which are running the original version cannot enter cheat codes if they have the 1.4 updates or higher. If you don’t, just go to the title screen and bring the keyboard up, and you can enter as many cheats as you like, some of which are given below:

samhines86 – Code for Invincibility

rxh7nigh – Unlock more characters

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