Logos Quiz is one of the most popular apps on the App Store as well as the Android Marketplace (now known as Google Play) mainly because it is free to download and provides a simplistic, yet highly functional user interface, not to mention hours of fun on the device. However, those people who are looking to get a perfect score on the app but are unable to do so as yet will require the help of Logos Quiz answers and cheats in order to stop guessing or wasting endless hours of time in trying to find the correct symbol. In the following article, we have compiled a few answers of the app, which will allow you to get past the first few levels as there are some very annoying symbols in there that are pretty obscure and cause confusions for users.

Logos Quiz Answers

Logos Quiz Answers and Cheats

Here are a few cheats and logo quiz answers for those who wish to accomplish all of the levels with the ‘easy way out’:

  • The four blue triangles that form a sort of a star in the middle of your phone screen are known as a Santana.
  • Three bent lines with a couple of grey border lines represent the Mercury.
  • The third logo, which consists of four triangles of orange color and a couple of white triangles represent HSBC Bank.
  • A cookie that resembles a brown person is the official logo of VIVO.
  • The next one is ‘TOUS’, which is represented by a white teddy bear.
  • A bland ‘K’ made from red color represents the Kawasaki brand.
  • Carlsberg’s logo is a curvy fond and at the prolonged ‘G’ running at the bottom.
  • A red colored oval line with a distinct ‘A’ letter in it represents the Chery brand.
  • A simple ‘S’ and “h” letter form the official logo of REUSCH.
  • The symbol for Malaysia Airlines is a bird like symbol, with blue and orange colored lines.
  • Four arrows pointing at a single point are the official symbol for the Royal Bank of Scotland.
  • The logo for Cathay Pacific comes next, represented by a green colored rectangle with a red colored line running beneath it, and a white colored wing inside.
  • A bull, standing with a lifted leg represents Merrill Lynch.
  • KELME’s official logo is a black colored bear’s footprint.

These are some of the answers for logos quiz that might help people get an advantage over the more ‘obscure’ brands which are asked during a level.

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