Are you making a plan to visit the best of places, Thailand? The country of Thailand is rich in culture and civilization welcoming thousands of tourist every year from round the world. Here, I am compiling a list of places you might want to pay a visit upon going to Thailand. This Asian jewel is offering you to perform the following activities upon arrival:

1. Visit the grand palace

Grand Palace Thailand
The grand palace of Thailand is the best of tourist site that is attracting literally thousands of tourists from each and every part of the world. This great grand palace is exhibiting the history in the true and finest pattern. It has a high statue of a warlord holding sword in his hands showing the charm, strength and power in the ancient civilizations that used to reside here. Just pay it a visit and remember to drink large amount of water.

2. Have a tour of Floating Market

damnoen saduak floating market
You may be unknown to the fact that the country of Thailand is home to many of the floating markets. These markets are selling daily eatables as well as the decoration and other use items. Damnoen Ssaduak floating market is one of the famous tourist spots, located around 150 kilometers southwest of Bangkok. Many cities have these local or large scale markets but the Bangkok floating market is the most famous of all. It generates several thousand dollars of revenue every coming years. Make sure you have a ride on a boat while having your lunch or dinner in starlight.

wat phra that choeng chum

3. Riding an Elephant

Elephant Ride in Thailand
If you are tired of riding the luxury modern vehicles and car’s then its time you go to Thailand. This country ancient elephant riding has been the prime focus of visitors coming here every year. It is just not about going slow, but the understanding of rich cultural heritage of the locals along with human effort to preserve that long old tradition can be understood here. Just do it when you get the chance along with having other fun at zoo.

4. The elephant Nature Park

Once you reach Thailand and meet locals, you may be start having an impression that the people hesitate to ride an elephant. There are many various reason allocated to it. That is why people will give you an alternative of elephant Nature Park that is quite a different park but having a lot of fun for the motivational incomers. So give it a visit if you are afraid of elephant ride.

5. Watch a Muay Thai Boxing Match

Well, the best of sports that you can watch live is the Muay boxing match. It is a general conception that you haven’t seen anything in Thailand if you haven’t seen the Muay boxing. This traditional free style boxing is way different than the normal boxing you see on your television sets. This is also an international representation of Thailand in the sports sector since you will not find much of sports talent in the region. Pattya is particularly known for this sports so do pay it a visit at your leisure time.

Pagoda Temple Thailand

6. Shopping and night life

To be honest with you, you will not find a better spot than this when it comes to night life. Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and is perhaps the most well-known spot too. It is rich in its modern life style as the clubs are flooding with young girls from round the world. I personally met people who just came for the sole reason of observing the night life of Bangkok. In addition to it, it is also holding a number of international first class standard restaurants and hotels. The food is best and special that you will never find outside the country.

7. Eating street food

As we have talked about the hotels and restaurants, it would not be wised if we not talk about the street food. This rich tradition of street food is mostly found in the Asian countries and Thailand is also one of those spots. So if you are going on an open street at 12 0’ clock at night than do remember to visit an open food shop as you may never know that you find a rich healthy food at the least possible price.

8. Go To the Beach

Thailand Beach
Are you having a thought that you are in a country that only focuses on the modern day lifestyles with additive advantage of watching over high sky touching towers? Then it’s time for you to change the thinking since the country holds the hot tropical climate that makes it optimal location to enjoy the beach life. The clear blue water also provides a luxury adventure of water surfing. There are also some international events organized on beaches of Thailand. So if you get a chance, do go for it.

9. Wat Suthat

Wat Suthat Royal Temple Bangkok
If you watch the TV then you probably came across the news that in the last great earthquake at Thailand, the great Buddhist temple was badly affected. What these news were talking about was the great ancient “Wat Suthat” royal temple. It is one of the greatest revenue generating spot in Thailand. People specially pay a visit to these great temple to pay tribute to their ancestors and also for worshiping purposes.

10. Wat Pho

wat pho thailand
The last but not the least is another temple close to the great palace. It is a place that is mostly having the same architectural designs like Wat Suthat. So once you decide to pay a visit to the great palace, it is probably in your own interest to visit these Buddhist temples at the least expenditure of money and energy.

Concluding remarks

There are a number of places that you may visit to enjoy and spend your time in best possible manner. But still Thailand holds a significant individuality that makes it a prominent place in the visit list of a tourist. As discussed it is rich in culture and civilization with fun and joy when it comes to premium quality food products. It is now up to the tourists to decide which one place they specifically want to visit in Thailand from the above mentioned list.

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