Thinking of enchanting beaches with body warming sunlight, transparent waters and body seducing sand, the only place that would come to your mind is the Caribbean. The Caribbean, known for its beaches and beautiful tropical weather, is a popular travel destination especially from spring to early fall when the weather is perfect! And who among you wouldn’t know the names of some of the most popular and best beaches in the Caribbean?  Selecting the right choice to pay a visit is of course not a simple task when you have variety and different colors of life all spread across each beach. But still we have compiled the top 16 best beaches that you may want to pay a visit:

1. Palm Beach

Palm Beach

The Palm Beach is having a widespread of white sand and clear water touching the outer edges of sand. Probably the most widely known of all beaches, this Palm Beach site is one famous holiday resort and is crowded with more number of people than any other beach in the Caribbean. All luxuries are also being provided at the spot for locals and commoners.

2. Orient beach

Orient beach

Known as the French Riviera of Caribbean, the beach is one versatile point offering various eating and adventure spots. It is home to several restaurants and menus are delicious over here. If you are not yet aware of “Nude sight” and “Prude sight”, then you are going to get meaning of it upon visiting this beach.

3. Punta Cana

Punta Cana

The Punta Cana beach is the most famous of all resorts in the Dominican Republic. It is not just a beach but a coastline that holds a vast area of visiting and enjoying parties. One can enjoy the Las Vegas style parties all night long while party girls hanging here and there all around.

4. Horseshoe Bay

Horseshoe Bay

The most famous of Bermuda beaches is the Horseshoe beach. Its wide-angle picture gives an image where the sky and watercolor look exactly alike. It lies on the south coast of Main Island. Opposite to what it is generally presumed, the weather is subtropical. So the weather is mixed sort.

5. Playa Paraiso

Playa Paraiso

Located I Cuba’s coral island, the beach is having a tinted pink color sand. This most spectacular scene of sand stretching across several kilometers of the area is probably the best of sites this area holds. It is beautiful, enchanting and clearly a place to visit at least once in life.

6. Reduit Beach

Reduit Beach

Being a part of St. Lucian beaches this one is also small in stretch but has very much to offer to potential visitors. It is covered with white sand while there are many of the famous hotels also present at the spot like St. Lucian hotel and Rex St. Lucian. You never want to miss the water sports activities at this holiday resort.

7. Sainte Anne Beach

Sainte Anne Beach

Guadeloupe holds the most popular of tourist area as Sainte-Anne. It’s the ideal spot for water sports, sand surfing and relaxing. But you most probably will need a French language skill pack just to make it sure that you can enjoy with full freedom without having to take instructions from other.

8. Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile Beach

As the name depicts, this beach is perhaps the longest beach in Jamaica. It is most commonly known for nude bathing and the couple enjoyment spot. There are a large number of visitors coming to the beach every day and the revenue generation is at its peak. Just a tip: the vendor at this beach are known for harassing the tourist for selling hair braiding to marijuana, which can have a negative impact on some.

9. Shoal Bay

Shoal Bay

Shoal Bay in  Anguilla’s, is an extensive widespread of beautiful soft sand over a mile range, has a number of restaurants and bars from the top companies in business, small beach resorts and an offshore reef that invites the divers to enjoy every second of their stay in Shoal Bay. There a total of three bays in the region: East, West, and Upper, that one can mention having all the necessary ingredients of finest stay at the beach.

10. Palm Island

Palm Island

The Palm Island located in the Grenadines is a tiny island a mile from Union Island and is easily accessible by a boat so the charges for visiting the island is high. It also maintains some living facilities about 20 in numbers. If you get a chance to visit the island then don’t miss the chance to visit Casuarina Beach, the finest of all present over here.

11. Grace Bay

Grace Bay

The grace bay is about 5 miles long, located in Providenciales, one of the islands of the Turks and Caicos and is home to Provo’s resorts. Many of the hotels of the same country are also present over here. The bay is although lagging in the facilities of joy and enjoyment but still one of the Turks Caicos beach is having all those major facilities that can possibly attract you over here.

12. Placencia


Placencia has the best mainland beaches in Belize: eastern side has more wider white sand beaches while the western side has long and narrow beaches. The inexpensive spot where you will find all the major ingredients of joy and enjoyment is Placencia. It is surrounded by the white sand and is well known for the beautiful afternoons.

13. Half Moon Bay Beach

Half Moon Bay Beach

The Half Moon Bay, located on the drive of just 5 minutes from the Freetown Village, is Antigua‘s most beautiful beach. The Half Moon Bay is about 1 mile in length, and the Atlantic waves are really tough sometimes but still, it cannot stop the well-trained surfers and professionals from windsurfing. It is one spot for family enjoyment and fun.

14.Los Roque’s

Los Roque’s

One of the most beautiful and enchanting views of a beach can be seen on the Los Roque’s which is developed by the Venezuela government in the year 1972. It is demarcated as the national park by the government. It is the greatest in Size Park in the Caribbean where one can do surfing, enjoy hot sunlight and can even have the finest food at any nearest spot

15. Varadero


The beach with longest of the full golf course that the country of Cuba holds is the Varadero beach. It is home to gorgeous hotels and resorts. It is primarily visited by Americans, Canadians, and Australians. But it is not only limited to them. People from around the world pay a visit to these fine facilities on daily basis.

16. White bay

White bay

The best of the top 10 beaches in the world is the White bay. It is an interesting fact that the beach was not known to the world some years ago. But the recent publication in various magazines has lifted the ratings of this resort. It is the perfect spot for picture taking where you will find the beach, natural scenes and beautiful couples hanging around you. Turquoise waters, soft sand, and rich green forest behind make it a dream place for many tourists.

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