A vacation with family is vastly different from a trip with your group. Isn’t that right? And if you ask me why going with friends for Adventure holidays is so different from the typical summer vacation with family, I’ll tell you why. The truth is that spending time and having fun with friends will provide you with many extraordinary enjoyable experiences. However, it is not something that will be planned, and it sometimes happens on the spur of the moment.

And although solo travel is enjoyable, nothing outshines the memories of traveling with others. The madness and crazy stories you share with your friends will keep you going for a lifetime. The laughter and stories you share, as well as the bonds you form while traveling together, will last a lifetime. So let’s look at the top four adventurous destinations to visit with friends.

Kayaking- West Virginia:

Annually, the American Whitewater Association and the United States Army releases 2800 cubic feet of water into West Virginia’s Gauley River, transforming one of the best rivers globally for kayaking into the nation’s most cherished after rapids playground. Kayakers will come down on the upper and lower Gauley Rivers over the next six weekend days to put their skills into action and escape danger. Kayakers adore the river for its complexity and abundance of large water heart-thumpers: the entire range of Class 1-5 scale rapids is navigable. However, neither segment would be without hazard, and it is the Upper Gauley offers the river its name. The trail extending down from the gorge rim is teeming with enthusiastic onlookers hoping to see rafts flip and kayaks make waves.

Scuba Diving- Fiji Islands:

Another perfect location for your list of adventure travel in the world? Fiji! Nothing else in the world compares to the celebration of the world beneath the earth’s oceans in terms of sheer exploration and wonder. The isolated islands of Fiji in the South Pacific have earned the title of “Soft Coral Capital of the World” over the decades. Fiji is the world’s largest unmatched scuba diving attraction, home to the ‘Great White Wall,’ the ‘Yellow Tunnel,’ and other popular submerged scuba diving sites. Fantastic underwater exposure all year, pristine coral formations, and ideal diving factors mean that one out of every three underwater pictures you come across was most probably taken in Fiji. Fiji is a catalog of islands, so there is a wide variety of dive sites to choose from. In addition, the deep currents attract an incredible variety of aquatic life—whales and dolphins are prevalent. Adding it to the fact that most of Fiji’s great barrier reef and lagoons remain untapped, and you’ve got a deal that most divers can’t pass up.


Leaping off the ledge is far preferable to living on it. But if the edge is 14,000 feet on the troposphere’s fringes, you’re in a different category of adventure. A skydive cannot be watered down—you will jump out of a plane, and the ground will be hurrying towards you at 230kmph, with only a canopy parachute that would save you from certain death. Put simply: skydiving is dangerous and not for the faint of heart. However, for those who enjoy it, the view is what ultimately matters for a skydiving opportunity. That is what draws skydivers to the dive off of Wollongong, Sydney: as you fall through all the skies, you could see the gorgeous Australian beaches, get a bird’s eye view of Sydney, and see dolphins jumping in and out of the ocean.

Ancient Sightseeing- Hampi, India:

If your idea of a “friends trip” includes exploring ancient ruins of esteemed temples and ancient monuments with secrets hidden in their very foundational principles, then a trip to Hampi is a must. Hampi’s temple’s mesmerizing landscapes and spectacular architecture remain, which feature prominently on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, will undoubtedly instill a feeling of calm in you and your mates.

But is all that makes it one of the best locations in South India to visit with friends? No way, no how. You and your friends can go mountain biking, meet travelers from all around the world, eat savory Karnataka cuisine, and cruise coracles in the Tungabhadra river, among other exciting activities. Would you consider including any of the destinations mentioned above in your next group adventure? Tell Debongo what you think!

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