Back pain is one of the most common reasons why people visit their doctors. Although there are multiple causes and remedies, a good number of doctors believe that recliners can help ease your pain.

Recliner Features

How Can Recliners Help With Your Back Pain?

Ideally, the principle behind using recliners is to take the weight off your back either by reclining or lying down. When you lie down or recline, you rest your spine enabling you to rest your back to promote a pain-free back and neck.

Elevating your legs helps to promote proper blood flow, which can help alleviate the inflammation you may be feeling in your back. Recliners also provide additional support for your back when you are sitting in a leaned-back position. This helps to take the strain off your back muscles which may be causing your back ache.


How to Choose the Best Recliner For Back Pain

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Being able to get hold of the best recliner for back pain can be such a liberating experience, especially because you know that you have found a way to escape the pain and function properly. The market offers an extensive list of recliner choices, which makes it hard for you to pick just the right one. When choosing the right recliner for your back pain, it all comes down to the type of relief you are seeking, and the type of back support you need. Here are 5 of the most crucial features to consider when looking for a back pain recliner:


The root of every recliner is the comfort it provides. Just like when you are buying a pair of shoes, it is important to evaluate the level of comfort a recliner gives you before buying. Check to see if your feet still touch the floor when sitting upright and if it provides your head and neck sufficient support. Ideally, pick a recliner with a 1.9 or higher foam density.

Size and Shape

The fundamental purpose of a recliner is to provide sufficient comfort. Hence, choosing a recliner that will help you in sitting and standing is crucial. A good recliner should be able to conform to the shape and the contour of your back. It should be able to adequately support your body size and shape with ease.

Number of Positions

Now, this is another key feature to consider when buying a recliner for your back pain. The main purpose of a recliner is to enjoy the reclining feature. This feature will determine if it is possible to get the most comfortable position for your back and if it can adjust to your personal needs. Today, some recliners offer separate motors for the footrest and backrest operations. Choose a recliner that will allow you to lay flat, sit upright, or in a position that will relieve your joints through the zero gravity position.

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A recliner is a significant investment that you should only purchase once in your lifetime. Hence, consider the material used to make the recliner to confirm that it can stand the test of time. Also, check the non-moving parts such as the feet, armrest, the frame of the recliner as well as the seat and the backrest before purchasing.


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