Even as Sri Lanka has been “on the rise” for a few years, this beautiful island has recently been brought to light, making it onto a slew of “Top Travel Destinations” lists. Sri Lanka has something for almost any type of traveler: Do you enjoy the great outdoors? Gorgeous hiking trails in UNESCO-listed rocky mountains with sweeping views of tea plantations and waterfalls can be found in Sri Lanka. But, on the other hand, are you more of a “chill by the sauna” type of traveler? Throughout the country, world-class luxury and guesthouses with beautiful spas and pools can be found.

Read on the top reasons that Debongo could come up with for you to visit Sri Lanka:

  • Heritage Sites:

This small island boasts eight UNESCO World Heritage sites. Sri Lanka’s main cultural attractions are concentrated in the north-central region. The Cultural Triangle, which connects the ancient kingdoms of Dambulla, Polonnaruwa, and Anuradhapura, can be found there. In the Cultural Triangle, you can visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as Sigiriya, ancient ruins, and temples. Other historic sites on the island include Galle and Matara in the south, which have famous forts from the Dutch colonial period. Kandy, the hidden kingdom and religious capital of Sri Lanka is also waiting to be discovered in the heart of the country.

  • Diversity:

Sri Lanka is a true miracle, thanks in part to the compact physical diversity of this pearl-shaped island, but as we will see, this inclusiveness extends to different aspects of life. The island is surrounded by variously shaped sublime beaches, ranging from straight expanse to rocky cove. In addition, it has a coastal plain with a variety of geographic features such as lagoons and various types of wildlife-rich jungle.

The plain concludes in the center, where the land begins to rise into mist-shrouded mountains dotted with forests of wind-stunted trees, patana plains, and rolling tea plantations. Furthermore, the cliffs are invariably accompanied by spectacular waterfalls. For its size, Sri Lanka may have the most waterfalls of any country.

  • Festivals:

There are numerous traditional festivals in Sri Lanka, some of which should not be missed. In April, there is the Aluth Avurudda, a Sinhala, and Tamil New Year’s celebration. For two days, life is transformed by music, fireworks, and delectable food. In May, the Vesak festival is the most famous Buddhist festival, commemorating three significant events in Lord Buddha’s life. Roads and houses are adorned with ornate lanterns, and Sri Lanka appears to be a sea of lights. Travelers to the Kandy Perahera Festival have a unique experience with ancient attire, vibrant dances, music, and ornamented elephants parading the streets displaying age-old charms.

  • Surfing Hub:

The beautiful Sri Lankan coast is home to dreamy, novice surf breaks, pumping waves, and reef breaks for highly developed surfers. So what’s the best feature? First, the lineup is still relatively empty, allowing you to catch wave after wave after wave. Not to mention that the water is pleasingly warm for most of the year, allowing you to leave your swimsuit at home. Third, the surf season in south Sri Lanka lasts from November to April, while the surf season in Arugam Bay in eastern Sri Lanka lasts from May to the month of October.

  • Wildlife Adventures:

Sri Lanka has a variety of flora and fauna. Conservation International has designated the island as one of 34 global biodiversity hotspots. The Sinharaja Forest Reserve, the country’s last viable area of primary rainforests, has also been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. However, the large percentage of endangered species is remarkable. An adventurous safari in one of Sri Lanka’s 14 national parks allows you to see some of the country’s 91 mammals, including elephants, leopards, sloth bears, sambhurs, spotted deer, hogs, mouse- and barking-deer, wild boars, porcupines, ant-eaters, civet cats, loris, giant squirrels, and monkeys like the macaque, purple-faced leaf monkey, and grey langur.

To Conclude,

These are just a couple of best reasons to visit Sri Lanka right away, but you’ll have to experience this divine island by yourself to grasp why it’s so enticing entirely. Have you ever been to Sri Lanka? Just drop a comment down below and let us know all about your experience!

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