Underwater life is very fascinating, and we as humans have not discovered half of the species from the dark ocean. Photographer Wayne MacWilliams spotted the bizarre creature while blackwater diving, in 500ft of water two miles off the coast of Palm Beach on Singer Island, Florida. The black water diving involves diving in jet black water with very limited awareness of surroundings, as the only light comes from strobes.

The creature was see through can, the fish it had eaten was clearly visible in his belly.

Eaten Fish Spotten in a Traslucent Sea Creature

image credit: Wayne MacWilliams/Cater News Agency

Wayne told the MailOnline, “I was drifting, at night in pitch black, it was really fun as you just do not know what will come your way. It may be a bit intimidating, it can be very spooky the first time you do it because it is jet black with no bottom to speak of.”

The shimmering fish that was swallowed.

The Fish That was eaten

image credit: Wayne MacWilliams/Cater News Agency

Did it swallow the whole fish?

See through creature swallowed the whole fish

image credit: Wayne MacWilliams/Cater News Agency

He added: “These beautiful creatures are interesting, bizarre, to say the least and pretty foreign to me. I have done this type of diving a couple times and plan on doing more. My interest really lies in the capturing of images that capture my attention. If it is pretty or interesting or simply provokes some kind of emotion for me, I will take the shot.”

The fish is so see-through that, even its skeletal structure is clearly visible.

Side view of the undigested eaten fish

image credit: Wayne MacWilliams/Cater News Agency

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