There are only 24 hours in a day and so much to do! Do you ever feel that? I always wish there were more hours to a day so I can work more and accomplish a lot more than what I currently do.

But thankfully there are tools available to do so when it comes to productivity with Twitter. Its very important to focus on social media marketing with so many users using it as a means to decide whether to go with a brand or not. No matter what your goal on social media marketing is: brand awareness, increase sales or get more followers, these tools will come to your help and save your few hours of work and improve your productivity.

1. RiteTag (Research Hashtags)

You know how important hashtags are for any social media. It increase the reach of your content and give you an opportunity to connect to like-minded users. This tool give you statistics on trending hashtags and suggests you whether to use or not to use that tag. It also provide other details about the tag like: unique tweets per hour, retweets per hour, hashtag exposure, tweets with images, tweets with links and tweets with mentions.

RiteTag Hashtag

You can click on “view stats” to get more detailed information for that specific hashtag in graphical format. You will be able to see last 30-day use, daily averages, hourly averages and influencers who used that hashtag.

Hashtag Analytics RiteTag

You can connect one Facebook and Twitter account in a free account. You can also find trending hashtags and search hashtags in free account. While paid account lets you add multiple accounts, schedule tweets, automatically add visuals and hashtags to posts in one click and much more.

They also have a Chrome (my fav browser) extension, which lets you go to any website and share the post by clicking on the extension, which brings up a dialogue box like this:

It will recommend hashtags and auto add images from the post. You can either send the tweet or schedule the post from within the dialogue box.

2. ManageFlitter (Manage Followers)

If are looking to manage your followers and unfollowers from one place then this is the solution(it does a lot more than that though) Its like a Swiss-army knife for Twitter management! It offers a free account and two versions of paid accounts. You can accomplish a lot from the free account itself!

Most important thing I like about this tool is, you can unfollow those unwanted followers from one screen and before you do that you can check their account details just by taking your mouse over it. In the left section, you are give a lot of options to filter your followers based on fake (spam) accounts, non-english, no profile image, influence, follower ratio, etc.


“Account Search” feature which lets you search for keywords and find out accounts that you can follow.

Another cool feature it offers is “Power Post” which suggests an ideal time to post on twitter based on your following and schedule a future time when it will go live. You can further customize it by adding specific location to it.


You can also connect your Google+ profile so whatever you post there will automatically be posted on your Twitter account.

3. HootSuite (Manage Twitter Account)

Its such a time saver tool as it lets you manage multiple accounts and social networks from one dashboard. You can monitor all your activities and engage with it right from here. It shows and approx time you would save when you connect your accounts.


You can monitor all the mentions, hashtags, keywords, and engage with your audience. With the free account you can connect up to 3 social accounts (so if you wanna connect 3 Twitter account you can do that), get basic analytics and message scheduling. There are two paid plans and with that you go pro you can add up to 50 social accounts, get advanced reporting, bulk message scheduling and multiple editors can be added.

4. TweetChat (To engage in Twitter Chats)

If you love being a part of or hosting a Twitter Chat then this is one tool you should be using. I follow a lot of #BufferChats and I use this tool to keep up with it. Search for the chat hashtag directly from the home page and you will be able to see the real-time stream.


You will also be able to tweet from that page. Another great thing is, once you type your tweet and send, TweetChat automatically adds the hashtag to the tweet, so you won’t have to. It also lets you highlight tweets, block any spam users, retweet and reply from there as well.

5. Buffer (Schedule Tweets)

Lets you schedule your tweets at intervals so you can select optimal times based on your user-base and your followers wont feel bombarded with your tweets all at once. You can also customize your schedule by changing times for different days. 


With free account you can connect one Twitter account, one Facebook Account and two Facebook Pages, one LinkedIn Profile and one page and a Google Plus page.

6. Tweet Jukebox (Tweet Scheduler)

Its a free content scheduling tool which lets you load hundreds and thousands to tweets in a “jukebox” and send it out throughout the day. The account cam pre loaded with one juke box “Free Quote Jukebox”. Create a separate “jukebox” for every type of content like : quote, image quotes, blog posts, giveaway, promotional content, etc.

Tweet Jukebox

Each jukebox has its own settings like: days of the week when the tweets should go out, time interval between tweets, the time frame between which the tweets should go out. Once it runs out of tweets (depends on how many you loaded) it will start retweeting them again.

You can add tweets in “scheduled tweets” which unlike other scheduling tools gives you an option to choose, how long after this tweet is posted, do you wanna retweet this content. Its very useful when you wrote a great piece of content and want to spread the word around once every few days!

It lets you check your recent mentions and give you an option to download preloaded jukeboxes. 

You can also send “thank you” tweets ever Friday or any kind of  random Promo tweets for their services.

7. Pablo (Visual Tweets)

Another addition by Buffer, is a tool that lets you make beautiful images to share on social media. It not lets you select image from their library, or edit text but also lets you flip the size of the image between various social media visual size so that your image doesn’t crop off and add your logo (and adjust the size and the position)


It also has pre-written quotes in there, so all you have to do is browse and finalize the one you like! You also have different filter that you can apply to your image and directly share it from there or download it to your computer.

8. Spruce (Drive Traffic With Visuals)

Tweets with visuals tend to get more clicks than the tweets with only text. That is why it is important to spice up your tweets some creativity. Spruce is a free tool which lets you create images for Twitter on the go.

All you need to do is select an image from the library, add your text, preview your post and publish it. Isn’t is really simple to do!


With 135,000 new twitter users signing up, its really important that every marketer should make the most of their twitter account. As a blogger and a marketer myself, I use and recommend these tools to everyone as they have helped me save a lot of time with my social media marketing efforts. Though these are not the only one out there, as a lot of companies and developers are making very innovative solutions to make Twitter Marketing and Management very efficient.

I would love to know if you have used any of these tools? If there are any other Twitter tools that you want to recommend leave them in comments below, would love to know your feedback.

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