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I was excited with my holidays .It was the time when I reached Vadodara for my holiday, being a travel addict had been to many places but did not visit Gujarat, and there I decided I will go to Vadodara, a place that is incredibly beautiful with a touch of heritage sites. These are 40 places I would suggest you when you visit Vadodara.

  1. Laxmi Villas Palace

    The dignity Of Vadodara ‘Laxmi Vilas Palace’ is known for the largest dwelling built till date and four times the size of Buckingham Palace. Till now it remains the residence of Royal family. It was constructed by Maharaja Sayaji Rao III in 1890. Do you have any idea about the cost of this palace? In 19th century its cost was more than 60 lakh Rs.

    It is constructed in Indo- Saracenic architecture style. It is the attraction place for tourist. Its Darbarhall is the most attraction spot for people which is carved with precious stones into the floors and pillars.

    Location: Laxmi Vilas Palace Estate, J.N.Marg, Vadodara
    Timings: Tuesday to Wednesday from 11 Am to 5 Pm

  2. Baroda Museum and Picture Gallery

    The famous museum was built in 1894, it contains rich collection of arts, sculpture, ethnography and ethnology. It has original paintings which are masterpieces of picture gallery. It was designed by two English architects introducing traditional look. The total floor area of both the buildings is about 40,000 sq. ft. It was created for the welfare and educating his subjects.

    Location: Dak Bunglaw, Sayajigunj, Vadodara
    Timings: 10:30 Am to 5:30 Pm

  3. Zoo

    In 1875 a track of land was chosen to develop a vast garden and zoo, in 1879 the park was declared open to the public. Zoo is divided in 3 sections (1) Bird Section, (2) Bear Section (Rinchh Khana), (3) Tiger section (Wagh Khana), with 212 animals of 18 species, 583 birds of 64 species and 79 reptiles of 7 species. These includes 4 species from the Cat family, 5 species of Primates and 9 species of Ungulates. Total number of animals is 874 of 89 species.

    Zoo is a dignity for Vadodara city.

    Location: Near Kala Ghoda, Vinoba Bhave Road, Sayajigunj, Vadodara
    Timing: 10 AM- 6 PM

  4. Sardar Patel Planetarium

    The oldest planetarium opened for public , it is situated near the main gate of Sayaji Baug. Everyday they organize 3 shows with a total sitting capacity of 200 people , they conduct special audio-visual programmes on the earth’s planetary system.

    Location: Kalughoda Circle, Sayaji Baug, Dak Bunglaw, Sayajiganj, Vadodara (main gate of sayaji baug)

  5. Sayaji Garden

    A largest garden in western India ‘Sayaji Baug’ well known as ‘Kamati Baug’was built by Maharaja Sayajirao III in 1879 on the banks of the river Vishwamitri in the centre of the city. He dedicated the garden for the citizens of ‘Vadodara’. It is a glory for Barodians consisting of 98 species of trees.

    Garden has 3 gates, the garden is a home for interesting buildings like 2 museums, picture gallery, Sardar Patel Planetarium.

    Location: Kala Ghoda, Vinoba Bhave Road, Sayajigunj, Vadodara
    Timings: All days of the week except Thursday
    5:00 AM – 8:00 PM (Garden Timings)
    10:00 AM – 10:00 PM (Train Timings)
    10:00 AM – 6:00 PM (Zoo Timings)

  6. Eme Temple

    EME TEMPLE also known as “Dakshinamurty Temple” is a Shiva temple run by Indian Army Authorities. It has a different design and concept. It displays symbol of secularism in the country as it displays various features of different major religions of India. It is a dome shaped temple representing Islamic architecture, The tower beneath represesnts Christianity, The golden top of the tower represents Buddhist principles. Entrance of the temple represents Jain religion; Fire in the temple represents Zoroastrianism. It is the best example of equality.

    Location: Mandir Marg, Fatehgunj, Vadodara
    Timings: open all days from 9:30 am to 5 pm except Sundays.

  7. Jambhughoda Wild Life Sanctuary

    Animal lover will love this place; you will find variety of animals and birds, it is a house of tress like teak and mahuda trees, bamboo, and other lush vegetation. Old train tracks reminds intellectuality of our ancestors. It is located 70 km from Vadodara and 20 km from prominent tourist places such as Pawagadh and Champaner. Camping can be best there.

  8. Sursagar Lake

    A pond named Chandan Talav, a tax collector Sureshwar Pandya during Mughal era renovated the pond, and the pond was thus named after him Sursagar Lake. This is how Sursagar Lake was found. This pond lies in the middle of the city of Vadodara. Boating is one of the best activities one must try. Vadodara has the best option of ‘Sursagar Lake’ where you can sink your mood with boating.

  9. Mangal Baazar

    Another place where you can spot half of the population of baroda, favourite option for most of the Barodians. At a cheap rate you can get almost every item. It is 6 Km from Baroda railway station, nearest option for Barodians.

  10. Hathni Mata


    One of the beautiful waterfalls, most people goes to visit. It is the wish listed place among barodian youngsters. It is surrounded by green carpeted hills. Wet breeze refreshes the air. It is located 80 km from Vadodara.

  11. Aurobindo Ashram

    It is a vibrant centre of life in a modern urban setting. It was founded in 1926, if you are looking out to burn out your stress try this place, great place for meditation. Serenity is assured here.

    Location: Dandia Bazar, Jambubet, Vadodara
    Timings: 9am to 7pm

  12. Sindhroat

    Place where couple mostly have their best moments. It is mostly famous among many of the young couples as well as young groups.

    Location: 10 km away from Vadodara

  13. Iskon Temple

    The temple is a representation of ancient culture, it is beautifully carved and highlighted in Rajasthani designs, creative art work make the temple more attractive.

    Location: Harinagar, Gotri, Vadodara
    Timings: 5am to 8pm.

  14. Ajwa Water Park

    Place which strike first when asked rides in Vadodara is ‘Ajwa Fun world’. The place is adorned in the laps of nature, Interesting and high rides makes Ajwa world more popular. It offers 22 different high tech slides.

    Location: ‘A’ Tower, 1st floor Kunj Plaza, Palace Road, Vadodara
    Timings: 10 Am to 6 Pm

  15. Kirti Mandir

    It was built by Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III of the Gaekwad dynasty of the Marathas in the memory of deceased members of the royal Gaekwad family and the edifice is dedicated to Lord Mahadev. The attractive building is constructed in the shape of letter ‘E’ comprises of terraces, balconies, domes etc. It is one of the famous tourist attraction situated on the north of the statue of Prince Fatehsinhrao Gaekwad near the Vishwamitri Bridge. It is also known as the temple of fame.

  16. Poicha

    A beautiful temple with beautiful garden, the temple is situated near bank of river Narmada. The special attraction is its evenings Aarti where you find giant elephant pulling the bell with a trunk.

    Location: It is 65 kms from the city.

  17. Zarwani Waterfall

    If you want break, try Zarwani Falls, a total isolated place, I assure you will be totally out of the disturbed world, mobile phones will be dead as the waterfall is deep inside the jungle.

    Location: Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary, Dhirkhadi, Gujarat

  18. Makarpura Palace

    It was Gaekwad royal palace in the city of Vadodara built by Maharaja Khande rao in 1870, The attraction and speciality of the palace is it is built in Italian style, Japanese style 130 acre garden is remarkable, it is bifurcated in 2 parts, both the palaces has more than 100 rooms combined.It is now used by Indian Air Force as training school.

    Location: Makarpura, Vadodara
    Timings: 10 AM to 6 PM.

  19. Ajwa Garden

    Maharaja Gaekwad has beautifully made this garden in 20th century, tourist guides destination place, basically it is a reservoir known as ‘Sayaji Sarovar’ or ‘Ajwa Lake’ which is strength to Vadodara city for water, musical fountain show sparkles the eyes that’s the reason people usually prefer to visit the garden at night.

    Location: 29 kms from Vadodara city, Ajwa
    Timings: 10 AM to 9 PM.

  20. Dakor

    It is one of the six major pilgrimages mainly worshipping Ranchhodraiji (form of Lord Shri Krishna).It is built with brick walls and stone pillars consisting of eight domes and twenty four turrets .People from many places come to see the Lord. Temple is over crowded during full moon days. Mainly Holi is grandly celebrated here, carnival of fair takes place around February and March, A belief on the day of Sarad Purnima (comes after Navratra) Lord Krishna came to Dakor as Ranchodrai with his devotee Bodana has become a festival there. Lord’s idol is beautifully made in black touchstone richly adorned with gold, jewels and expensive clothes, On the upper floor of the gate there is a music room where music is played in sehnai and drums creating positive ambience.

    Location: Approximately 68 Kms from Vadodara, Kheda District, Gujarat.
    Timings: Open from 6am-12 noon and 4pm-7pm daily.

  21. Hazira Maqbara

    Attractive monument contains the grave of Qutubuddin Muhammad Khan who was the tutor of Salim, son and successor of Akbar, and also that of his son Naurang Khan who held important offices in Gujarat under Akbar. Qutubuddin was killed in 1583, he was famed general general in the army of Akbar and later became governor of Baroda region.

    The octagonal platform with small gaps makes the monument attractive. It is in the style of Mughal Tombs at Delhi, the real grave is in an underground chamber, the false grave in the tomb chamber.

    Location: ONGC, Danteshwar, Vadodara
    Timings: 8:00 AM to 6: 30 AM.

  22. Narmada Canal

    Boon for nature lovers as well as engineers to examine large hydro power plant, best preferable season to visit is Monsoon season. Arrangements are made to sit and enjoy the nature.

    Location: approx 41 to 42 Km from Vadodara, Vadodara- Halol Highway.

  23. Nareshwar Dham

    Spiritual place with lush green garden and peaceful environment makes the place vibrant. It is outside the city. It is a place located near bank of Narmada river.

    Location: (55 Kms from Vadodara ) Nareshwar road, Vadodara.

  24. Tambekar Wada

    A three storey building build in an oblong fashion a typical Maratha mansion was once the residence of Bhau Tambekar, diwan of Baroda. The building is adorned with mural paintings some of the eye catching paintings are Lord Krishna in childhood breaking Pot, Lord Krishna doing Raas with Gopi’s, Lord Ganesha in childhood etc. Also it has British-Maratha Fight Paintings.

    Location: Dandia Bazar, Jambubet, Vadodara
    Timings: 9AM to 6PM.

  25. Mandvi Gate

    ‘Mandvi’ derived from Sanskrit word Mandapa meaning a pillared hall have been a major landmark in Vadodara. It was built by Sultan Muzafar. Today it is marked by market place. This gate separates two intermingled streets into four, it is believed that this gat e was used to collect toll from merchant and traders.

    Location: Fatepura Road, Mandvi Gate Circle, Bajwada, Mandvi, Vadodara
    Timings: 24 hours open

  26. Khanderao Market

    A famous and palatial building was erected by Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III in 1906, it is a present given by him to the Municipality to mark the silver jubilee of his administration. In the back garden there is a small market, a traditional market.

    Location: Near Little Flower School, Palace Road, Kevdabaug, Vadodara
    Timing: 5 AM to 11 PM.

  27. Nazarbaug Palace

    A three storeys oldest palace of Baroda was constructed by Malharrao Gaekwad in late 19th Century, The palace was used on several occasions by Gaekwads. Attraction spot of the palace is Shish Mahal (a palace of glass), a place is considered to be jewels of the Gaekwad family.

    Location: Panigate Rd, Chhipwad, Vadodara
    Timing: 9 AM to 6 PM.

  28. Lehripura Gate

    A gate which was western gateway to the old city was built in 1558. A structure with beautiful arches, the gate has 3 arches with images of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Durga on it. The central Arch has a chhatri and zarokha above where earlier Shehnai Artistes played in the Gaekwad reign. It now serves as a busy market place.

    Location: Nyaya Mandir, Vadodara

  29. Central Library, Vadodara

    Four storey building, located opposite to Nazarbaug Palace, Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad who were the pioneer of public library movement donated 20,000 books as a seed collection to get library on its feet, it has a unique racking system and glass flooring which can withstand any disaster. The library is now well organized having more than 8000 active members.

    Location: Fatepura Rd, Bajwada, Mandvi, Vadodara
    Timings: 8:30 AM to 7:15PM.

  30. Mahatma Gandhi Nagar Gruh

    A townhall which was constructed in 1954. It is now reconstructed, now its is fully airconditioned , it has sufficient place for thousands of people at a time. It is mainly used for cultural functions and dramas. A statue of Mahatma Gandhi in the front of Gruh was gifted by Vadodara City Mahatma Gandhi Statue Committe.

    Location: Kothi Rd Besides Jubilee Baug, Opp Pratap Talkies, Bajwada, Mandvi, Vadodara
    Timings: 10 AM to 6 PM.

  31. Sun Temple

    One of the oldest temples made up of yellow stones, this is a temple for Hindu’s and Vaishnav community, temple was made before 200 years, it was erected by Raoji Aapaji Deewan, from which Raopura name derived. A beautiful garden surrounding the temple makes the temple more beautiful.

    Location: Raopura, Jambubet, Vadodara.

  32. Rasulpur

    A attractive place for teenager and couples famous for its river and ambience, the cool breeze just fill the place with pleasant atmosphere. It is great place for picnic. Place is famous as ‘Rasalpur’.

    Location: 39 kms away from Vadodara in a Rasulpur village.

  33. Harni Hanuman Mandir

    A clean and well managed temple, its specialty is the fair which takes place on last Saturday of Shravan month. Peace and spirituality spreads the vibes.

    Location: Harni, Vadodara

  34. Haridham Mandir

    The temple is spread over huge area, temple is having idols of Swami and his disciples. It is a perfect place to pray.

  35. Gotri Temple

    If you want to see the culture of Kerala temple, then this is the best temple to visit, it is a small replica of the temples in kerala, its attraction is during festivals the whole temple is lighted.

    Location: Usha Nagar, Vasna Saiyad, Vadodara

  36. Sayaji Sarovar

    Sayaji Sarovar known as Ajwa Sarovar was built by Maharaja Gaekwad III. It’s main aim was to provide water to the people of Vadodara. Dam is about 5 Km long. It is a great place to visit.

    Timing: 10 Am to 9 Pm

  37. MSU College

    This university is a public University in Baroda, It became university in 1949 after independence. It is ‘A’ grade university. It has many faculties. A boon for Barodians.

  38. Vadodara Central Bus station

    It was built under a public private partnership. It is a central bus station serving city of Vadodara. It has Vadodara central bus terminal as well as commercial complex.

    The concept of the bus station is extraordinary. There are many shops, a theater inside the bus station.

  39. Dynamite Lounge

    Chilling out with friends here can be heaven. Superb drinks with perfect world of music. Looking out to burn your calorie with dancing then this is the place where music ambiance rolls you to dance, Fun gets doubled when you are with your group. Best place to try with your groups.

  40. Pavagadh

    A popular hill station known for Mahakali temple draws thousands of pilgrims every day. Pavagadh is the gateway of Panchmahal. It provides incredible scenery, attraction is rope way. It was encrypted as World heritage site in 2004.

    Location: 46 kms away from Vadodara.

Great place to visit. Happy Holidays in Vadodara.

Conclusion :

These are the 40 Attractions a Vadodara not to be missed. A place where you can explore  the history along with fun.

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