This Valentine’s day don’t worry about your calories and just enjoy the moment with your loved ones and with your unique heart candy. We have a 100 points calorie guide to make your lovers day celebration relishing one.

The hundred calorie guide will tell you the number of candy to consume that will add only 100 calories to your diet. This video by the youtube channel CONSUMER REPORTS will give you an idea of your candy calorie guide.For all those readers who have a weight loss and stay fit new years resolution, this is a perfect guide for you. Thanks to

Though if you wanna stay healthy and enjoy a delicious breakfast with your loved one, check out these yummy valentine’s day breakfast recipes that you make for the entire love month. Oh, and are you out of ideas on what to gift your bae? Here are some unique DIY gift ideas for Valentine’s day.

1.Brach Jube Gel Cherry Cand

When, you and your partner, do not like the traditional chocolates you can go for this one.You can have four pieces of the jelly hearts to keep your calorie count within 100.

Brach Jube Gel Cherry Candy

2. Conversation Hearts

Do you like having little romantic and cute conversations with your partner?Then this is the candy for you guys.Leave a love note with the conversation candy and eat only 30 pieces for your controlled calorie intake.

Conversation Hearts

3. Dove Chocolate Hearts

The heart-shaped dove chocolate looks very beautiful and is a traditional milk chocolate.You can only eat three pieces of this chocolate.

Dove Chocolate Hearts

4. Godiva Truffles

Gift the signature truffle box to your love.Eat only two.

Godiva Truffles5. Brachs Cinnamon Imperial hearts

This one is a low-calorie candy.You can gorge on to up to 57 pieces.

Brachs Cinnamon Imperial hearts


6. Godiva slices of Love collection

These dark chocolate assortments are very high in calories so you can have only one.Have your dark passion for small portions.

Godiva slices of Love collection7. General Box Chocolate Assortments

This combination chocolate box is perfect for the first timers & off-course for wholehearted chocolate lovers. Just be careful with your calories, you should only have one.

General Box Chocolate Assortments

8. Sweettarts heart

The Willy Wonka heart candy is a hit for your valentine. You can have 18 candies in total.

Sweettarts heart

Sometimes its ok to let go and treat yourself after the diet and workout routine you have been following.

This calorie guide will help you erase the sweet cravings and at the same time, you can keep calorie count intact.


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