What is it?

There are a number of different video sharing apps in the App Store, but not many can rival the success heralded by Viddy. A compact, easy to use and simply designed app for the iPhone, iPod and iPad, Viddy lets you use the videos in your phone, or make new ones, edit them properly and then upload them to Twitter, Facebook or Youtube. The application is quite simple, and the different number of features that it provides certainly makes it a top product. This can be seen from the fact that over the past few months, this app has become one of the most popular apps around, and was also voted as the iTunes App of the Week on the 12th of May, 2011.

How does it work?

Viddy makes use of the iPhone’s camera and enhances its features, now providing focusing capabilities, exposure check, settings for the white balance, timer, audio metering and many more features. You can also add different visual effects or music into your videos. You can also add in transitions and various movie stars into your videos. There are various free packs that you can get too, such as Solarize, Red, Glam, Black and White, Junk, 3D, Crystal and Vintage amongst many others. Brand packs are also available for free, such as Incubus and Snoop and many more. After you have perfected your video according to your standards, you can easily share the video by uploading it on Twitter, Facebook or Youtube and even Tumblr. The interface is quite simple, with easy instructions and basic guides for new users.

The Good

There are a number of different modification features that users can take advantage of in order to edit their videos accordingly. The app has a massive sharing section, allowing users to upload photos to all of their social networks, and then commenting, liking and sharing their videos with others too. It provides a range of different optimization options, making it one of the best apps around. The good thing about the app is that it doesn’t have a difficult interface, and it can be used by anyone who has basic knowledge of their device.

The Bad

Some of the videos that are being shared on the Viddy community can be profane, with adult content, so users have to remain cautious about which video they open. The app is also prone to foreclosing at random times.

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