So, the wedding bells are ringing. And you’re closing in on the list of things to be done including dress, venue, décor, caterer, and guest list. But have you sealed the deal with a wedding photographer yet? Oops!

Did you think you could assign the job just a day in advance to a team your cousin has been going gaga about?

Did you take a serious look at their work? If not, it’s about time you think wise and act wiser.

Though it looks easy, hiring a good team of wedding photographers demand a good deal of homework. Unless you already share a great vibe with a team of well-known photographer, like the much trusted Portland Wedding Photographer, you are in for a head-scratching business.

If you are looking for the finest photography output on your big day, make sure to complete the following homework.


1. Tally your taste with the photographers’ style

Best photographers are ones who can smoothly merge their style with the client’s taste. It would be harsh to ask them to topple their styles for accommodating your wants. As such, ask yourself the kind of photographs that you’d want.

Do you want those candid, upbeat shots, or the artistic treats? Are you looking for black and white vintage portraits, or the formal wedding photos suit your taste? Understand your preference and make a list of best wedding photographers whose style tallies with your taste.


2. Understand the Light factor

A lot of people tend to ignore a very important factor – the Lights. While most wedding photographers specialize in natural light photography, there are also teams that are masters in low-light photography.

Browse through the galleries of these wedding photographers carefully. If you are planning to make the vows in a dramatically low-light venue, look for photographers whose galleries display similar pictures.

As soon as their previous works convince you of their skills, it’s time to shortlist them and move on to the next step.


3. Meet the photographers

Once you have a list of the tentative photographers in hand, you must fix meetings with them. You might ask if meeting these photographers is a must when you can easily choose one from the list and fix them for the wedding. The answer is a big and bold YES.

No matter how good a photographer is, they might fail to give you the best output unless you strike an effervescent chord with them. Remember, you will be spending most of your time with these photographers.

If you are comfortable with each other, it will reflect in the photographs.


4. The package and negotiations

So, you’re through with the search process. And you’re finally stuck on this one amazing team that, you’re convinced, will click the most cherishing shots. Cool! It’s time to check with their package deal.

It’s understandable for an excellent photographer to charge a handsome amount. Yet, you might check for small discounts and scope for negotiations. If it suits your budget, go ahead. Just make sure the package includes all your requirements.

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