Whatsapp Messenger has to be the most popular app being used on all platforms to stay in touch. It is available on the Windows Phone, on all devices running iOS, Blackberry OS as well as the Android OS. The main purpose of Whatsapp is to provide users with a simple system of being able to stay connected to each other. Whatsapp is also available on phones that run the Symbian OS. The interface is probably one of the simplest points of this app, as it allows you to easily switch through the total number of contacts that you have, and those whom you have been talking to recently.

The application is well designed and works like a charm. If you wish to try it, you get to download and use the application for a year without any charges, after which you must pay a minimal fee. Unlike most apps, you do not need to make an account on Whatsapp messenger in order to get started. It integrates with your phone number, and asks you to just input a username which will be used to send messages and receive messages from others. Then, it scans your phonebook in order to find people who are also making use of the app, and just lists them on the ‘All’ contacts section.

If you start a conversation with someone, it is shown in the ‘threaded messaging’ form. This will allow you to easily see where you left your last conversation. Whatsapp Messenger also uses an ingenious way in order to let users know whether messages have been sent and received or not. When you send a message, a clock is shown beside it, which depicts that the mobile is trying to send the message to the Whatsapp server.

A single tick denotes that the message has been sent to the Whatsapp server and will be sent when the other person is connected to Whatsapp. Double ticks depict that the message has been received by the sender. The app makes use of your data connection or your internet source in order to connect to the server. The best part is that you can also send audio recordings, pictures, videos and any other file from your phone to another, which makes sharing an almost seamless process. However, audio recordings are only limited to 2 minutes, so you will not be able to send large files. On the whole, Whatsapp is by far the best cross platform communications app. You can also share your location!

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