Soccer is not only about dribbling and kicking, but you also need goals too!!

Soccer is one of the most popular sport in the world today. With so much attention on this fast-paced and exciting sport, it’s no wonder that there is a never-ending supply of soccer online training websites and videos on the internet today, that you can literally talk about so many different topics and not even scratch the surface.

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To make this piece of an article more interesting and informative, this write up will host a few of the soccer aspects, which include skills, tactics, and drills, to make your practice more effective and qualitative. Also, you will be sealed up with the information of-tips, tendencies and skills of successful youth soccer coaches

Here we dribble!

Let’s start with dribblers- dribbling is the key to unlocking an opponent’s defense, creating space to score goals either by crossing to a teammate or shooting themselves.

Beating someone with a quick drop of the shoulder or with tight control is fantastic to watch– but definitely, this skill takes ages of practice.

To start with, you need to focus on your players’ technique to get them comfortable with dribbling the ball.

Try dribble and shoot, which is a simple but excellent session that gives players an end product for their dribbling – a shot at goal.

Finally, use the game passion fruit for a spirited session that puts dribbling at the heart of winning the game – a great way to end any training and one that gives the coach the chance to see if all the skills work.

So you will have a plate full of fruit?? Naah!! So what is passion fruit session all about?

This session is all about the aspects needed in getting to the ball first/ winning it and dribbling into a specific position where you can score.

Set up

Form a 15×15-yard area with four goals facing outwards, five yards in from the edge.

 four small goals are required – if you use cones, the players can score in front of the goal, so that you have to go around it for scoring goals.

How to perform?

Players are placed/positioned in pairs and are given numbers from one to four, so both team members have similar numbers.

The coach then hands the ball to the middle amidst the goal and calls out a   number, and then with that number race to the ball and attempt to score a goal. As the game progresses, they can also use the outside players.


This is efficient to show their determination to win the ball, protect it, and move into a scoring position. Make an effort to match up the pairs, so they are not the same at stages of development.

let us draw our undivided attention towards a few of the simple tactics/soccer activities to develop the first touch


Cones-use 4 small soccer cones to create an area to contain a ball

Partner: you can choose a partner or use object a wall

To bounce the ball off

Variations: as your level of skill improves

 you can do the subsequent for an extra challenge.

Create a small cone area, so the first touch has to be performed in a smaller area.

Keep distance from your passing partner. And pass in a complicated way so that the ball becomes difficult to control.

Activity 1: receiving ball with inside of foot

Activity 2: receiving ball with outside of foot

Activity 3: inside trap and play

Activity 4: Outside trap and play

Activity 5: inside trap and outside play

Activity 6: trap, roll, and play

Show dedication to practicing the 6 activities above with a teammate or with a wall, and your first touch develop over time! Improving your first touch will help you keep possession when the soccer ball comes your way, which will allow you to make more accurate passes and shots or allow you the opportunity to dribble out of danger.

We have got some excellent advice for you; adapting a rapid speed of play requires you to think speedily and know what are you going to do even before you receive the ball or 2players/ passes or moves forward.

This is the reason if you want to succeed at a higher level, you have to be a player that regularly scans throughout the match. Once you’re aware of what’s around you before you receive the ball, you’ll know where the danger is and where the opportunities are.

Moving on, how to be successful in soccer, here’s a misconception about what the road to success seems to be; it mainly comes from movies. As they usually begin with the main character wanting to reach a goal or ambitions.

But in reality, your experience is going to be the complete opposite of that.

What are the Characteristics of becoming a professional soccer player

First of all, you need to be know the four traditional paths that players take to become an expert;

1. Youth academies professional

This is the standard way that professional players have been to where they are now. and if you can get reserved in an academy, we recommend going that way.

The best example of this is Lionel Messi,-who signed for FC Barcelona at the age of 13 and then quickly made progress with the youth ranks and the reserve team until he marked his debut for the professional squad at 17 years of age only. Who is today considered to be the best player in history.

2. Agents

Almost all players are using them to help find opportunities trials, etc. Through their professional network of coaches and clubs.

While this can work and is definitely working for a lot of players but remember there are chances it may backfire if you pick the wrong one.

3. Scout

This is a little more complex in general; it rarely happens that it turns up to one of your matches unless and until you play at a high level already and invites you for a trial.

but, nowadays with the internet, you can take the whole matter in your own hands.

4. Trials

This point supports hand in hand with the other three paths but can also be organized independently from agents or scouts.

While it is the steep path for most players, if you (or your parents) have links or connections to the right people at professional clubs, this will be the easiest way to become a pro for you.

Ensure you use the massive advantage that you have over most players your age.

Essential of all is the 10.000 hour rule believe it or not, but this method practically exists and was coined by a man named Malcolm Gladwell. As it turns out, it took 10.000 hours of deliberate practice for any individual to become world-champs at their specific caliber, no matter how much talent they were born with or had.

 just to put it in simple terms, 10.000 hours are 20 hours of practice per week for ten years.

Lastly, quick, off the top of your head, what do you feel are the main qualities that make a youth coach successful?

  • Is it a passion for the sport?
  • Friendliness?
  • ability to teach techniques?
  • ability to communicate with players?
  • approachability?
  • your quality of practice plans?
  • your knowledge of useful soccer drills?

Good youth coaches cultivate “fun”

  • Relish the process, not the result. Results aren’t immediate, and development isn’t straight or easy, but keeping the focus on development lets you receive the highest probability for long term achievement or success.
  • Make an effort to create relationships with all of your players.
  • be a good listener and show that you genuinely do care for each one of them
  • Be deliberate and honest with your communicative approach
  • Paint a picture to help their learning-overall be concise.

Always strive to create an engaging environment. Limit lines, limit talk, be dynamic!

Try to be the coach that your players will remember positively in 30 years.

Take pride in your work:

P – Personal
R – Responsibility
I – In
D – Developing
E – Excellence

Good luck with your journey!

Final Goal

It’s not that simple…to be a soccer champion.

But wait! Before you go to the pitch now and kick the ball around for a few hours just to say that you’re 3 hours closer to becoming the next Ronaldo, make sure you re-read the last paragraph and see if you can spot an essential word. Deliberate.

See, if you think that time alone is going to allow you to become a professional soccer player, you’ll have to live with the consequences one day, and the reason for that is that the other players are training “deliberately.”

Until we be back more of such informative content, Keep Sharing and Scoring A Goal!

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