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By far the biggest announcement in the software department of this year was the release of Windows 8. Microsoft’s operating system has been adorning computer screens for over two decades, and has seen massive changes along the way. The latest release, Windows 8, will arrive sometime in Q4 of 2012, and is bound to have a range of different features that will appeal to its users. However, even though massive changes have been made since the time of Windows 98 till Windows 7, why is Microsoft claiming Windows 8 to be the biggest and the most powerful Windows to date? In order to keep developers interested and to make it easier for people to get to terms with this new interface, Microsoft released the Windows 8 Release Preview, which can be downloaded off the official Microsoft website. Here’s our preview of what you can expect from the latest operating system:

Windows 8 Preview

Windows 8 Preview

The Interface

The biggest change that you will find in Windows 8 is that the iconic Start Menu that used to adorn the bottom of millions of PC screens has now been removed, and instead a new interface, known as Metro UI has been put in place. If you have used a Windows Phone before, the Metro UI might not be such a difficult thing to understand. Similar to the Live Tiles on Windows Phone, the Metro UI makes use of Tiles that can be clicked on for usage. This completely revamps the experience for users, as now you can just get by your work by clicking on the tiles.

No more do you need to look around for icons, etc. Your files and folders can also be accessed through a Live Tile, and a very powerful search system has been set in place in order to make it easier for people to search for data.

However, the best part is that you can still access those files easily and if you want, you can get the same interface as the one on Windows 7 by clicking the ‘Desktop’ Tile located at the bottom.

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For Microsoft, this is a remarkable release, as it marks the company’s first release that is ‘out of the box’. It does not follow the similar traditions that Microsoft had created over the years, instead tries to invent something new, and what has been so far means that you can expect one of the best operating systems to date with the release of Windows 8.

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