Are you struggling to design a landing page for your website?

Landing page is a place where your visitors land (to put it simply), filled with contents to resonate with your visitors. Most important role of a landing page is to deliver right, concise and relevant information that visitors are looking for and provoke them to take a course of action that your landing page is designed for.

So, landing page must be carefully designed.

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You will need a creative, attractive and beautiful landing page to increase the chances of converting your visitors into subscribers, or whatever your goal is. To do so, you can use plugins available!!

But which one? That’s a good question.

Credits to the growing technologies, we have fair numbers of plugins available. It is quite easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of plugins available. Just going online and searching for them can be bit intimidating. This makes choosing the right plugin difficult.

Don’t worry, we are here to help you with our comprehensive list of best plugins available:

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1. Thrive Landing Pages

Thrive Landing Pages WordPress Plugin

Thrive Landing Pages is a plugin that excels in creating landing page.

Drag-and-drop option makes it easy for you to use and customize the look of your landing page.

It includes testimonials, features product grid, countdown timer, call-to-action buttons and several other editable options. You can either design your landing page from the scratch or you can choose from one of over 140 templates.

The best thing about Thrive Landing Page is it provide consistent theme. What does that means??

Most of the plug-ins comes with templates, but they are not consistent. If your website already has a theme and you are designing landing pages with different themes, the entire look of your website will look out of order.

For example, if you want to send subscriber from thank you page to confirmation page then the entire feel will not be consistent rather it will all be different and random.

But with Thrive Landing Pages, their landing pages are in sets, so they’ll give the visitor’s a consistent navigation experience.

Price: $67 for unlimited updates and 1 year of support.

2. OptimizePress

OptimizePress WordPress Plugin

It is an all-round plugin that enables you to create any type of page for your WordPress website. OptimizePress comes both as a WordPress theme and plugin.

Based on easy-to-use drag-and-drop functionality, it comes with over 30 different design templates. Since, it allows you to keep the look and feel of your landing page similar to that of your main page; therefore, it maintains consistency of the website.

If you want to use this plugin with your present theme, you can do that easily without compromising your current theme.

You can either use a new template or create new design from scratch.

It integrates easily with other platforms like MailChimps, Optimizely, Google Analytics and other platform to make your work easy. Pages built are mobile ready and responsive.

Price: $97 for 1 year of support & core updates.

3. Parallax Gravity

Unlike other plugins, it allows to apply effects to specific part of your page rather than the whole page.

It empowers you with multiple sections support that means, it allows you to customize various parts of the landing pages with different fonts, color or background.

It can generate QR codes for offline campaigns. And as an icing on the top, it features “Page Analytics” to provide an insight of page performance.

4. Qards

Qards Builder WordPress Plugin

It is a unique plugin that works with most of the WordPress themes with card based structure. It offers you with its exclusive selection of cards that are to be put on canvas to create a
landing page.

It also gives you a great front-end editor for adjusting those cards according to your requirements.

With drag-and-drop functionality as well as its extensive collection of customizable cards makes a deadly combination, rendering it as a tough competition to most of the other plugins.

All landing pages created are fully responsive as well as mobile friendly. Another best feature is: no design or coding skills are required. Fully drag-and-drop feature and front-end-editing simplifies user experience.

Price: Starts from $99

5. Beaver Builder


This is a great plug-in that helps you in building beautiful layout of landing pages with its set of content modules. It provides you with entire set of landing page building functionalities.

It offers third party widgets and short-codes for creating layout easily. The best thing about this is it supports almost all the WordPress themes.

You can even see real time feedback of your design. Full drag-and-drop feature eases your hard word while designing.

It supports creation of responsive landing pages. It is optimized for both mobiles and tablets. You can build customized landing pages or use built-in landing page templates. Share your work with others or reuse the existing ones.

Price: Starts from $99/year

6. WordPress landing pages

Obviously, landing pages are really important. It might have occurred to you that creating plugins for such a task must be a daunting job. So, expecting any plugin will be available for free will be a stupid idea.

Well, yes that is stupid. But still this is the one plugin in the list that is available for free. Even though it is free of cost, still you will have to pay in terms of its functionality. As expected, it will not be offering you excellent functionalities as compare to others.

Still, it is good option for others who are in just for testing waters.

It offers visual editor, pre-designed templates, conversion rate tracking, and many other add-ons.

7. Lead Pages

It is not just a plugin but a landing page optimization platform offering WordPress “Connector” plugin that eases landing page development process.

Lead Pages team claims:

“Turn your next idea into a published landing page in less than five minutes with LeadPages. We have engineered the simplest landing page builder in the industry, so you can create, edit and deploy your next high-converting page without touching a single line of code.”

According to them, Lead Page is the fastest platform for building landing pages.

Some of its features includes: more than 70unique and impressive templates, which also offers you with an offer to create your own template as well. You can also turn 404 pages into creative landing pages using this plugin.

Its compatibility with Facebook, makes it easier for marketing campaign.

Price: Starts from $25/month

8. WordPress Landing page by Inbound Now

If we talk about popularity, this is the plugin!! With over 400,000 downloads of all time, WordPress Landing Page is rated with 3.6 stars.

It is compatible with WordPress version 4.2.3

It is absolutely easy to use. You don’t have to be a programmer in order to use it. WordPress Landing Page also provides visual editor functionality to see the changes you made while designing in real time.

You can also track your conversion rate with its reporting functionalities as well.

Similar to other plugins, you can work with previous theme of your website or choose from existing templates designs.

This plugin is a perfect blend of features keeping skilled developers as well as novice users in mind. Even if, the features you are looking for is not present in WordPress Landing Page, the team of Landing Page will be more than happy to undertake your custom requests.

Price: Free with limited features. Paid plans starts from $99/year or $10/month

9. Coming Soon Pro by SeedProd

It is different from rest of the plugins in this list. It is exclusively designed to create only one kind of landing page and it does that really perfectly.

There’s neither drag-and-drop functionality nor massive list of templates. What???? Yes, that is correct. Still it is very useful plugin. How??

There are so many times when certain part of your website is still under construction. What would you do, if your visitor’s accidentally come across that page?

That’s when Coming Soon Pro will come to the rescue by giving access to client via a special link.

Price: Starts from $29.

10. WishPond

WishPond Plugin Landing Pages

A free WordPress plugin that will let you create unlimited number of landing pages, forms and pop-ups. You don’t need any coding skills, it just requires basic drag-and-drop to design amazing forms. Or if you are not feeling that creative choose from 50+ predesigned templates. The only catch with the free plugin is it will only let you capture no more than 200 leads.

The good part is it can work with their Free Website Popups plugin with which you can create six different types of website popups like exit-intent popups, entry popups, scroll popups, timed popups, click popups and javascript-triggered popups.

With the pro version, you can do A/B testing to increase conversion, collect more leads,  marketing automation, manage leads, run contests and promotions and integrate with other sales CRMs available on the market and implement custom CSS and javascript.

Price: Free: up to 200 leads and then Starts from [eafl id=11779 name=”WishPond” text=”$69/month”]


Always remember, landing page must be designed keeping only one and clear purpose in mind. The key with landing page is to provoke your visitors to perform the action rather than wandering around looking for something to do.

Each one of the above plug-ins is capable of doing a great job, all you have to do is to lay down your requirements and accordingly choose the one.
Harness the power of plugins and make a landing page that is best for you.

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Was this ultimate list for plugins were helpful to you? Drop your thoughts in the comments below.

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