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A man bought a few classic Mac, a decade ago with a thought of doing something with it some day in future.  But he never ended up doing something with it until one day, he decided to do something different. You will be surprised to see what he is using those Macintosh Plus for!

1. He removed the front panel of the mac with a T-15 screw driver.

Remove the Cover of the Mac

2. He found the signatures of all the people who created it on the inside of the back panel. Isn’t that cool to sing off your own creation? No one would have know that until he opened it to see that!Signed on the Back Side by the artists

3. When he looked at the front panel he realized that the bezels were curved and if he uses a flat acrylic panel as the door, it would leave gaps.

Curved Bezel in the Front Panel


4. He had to do something to avoid the gaps in the door. So he placed the acrylic panel in an over for 7 mins at 300F to make it soft and modifiable and that it could harden later on.Setting the Opening Door Screen


5. Then he attached some block with acrylic cement to lift the hinges off the screen.

Attaching Block to Lift the Hinges off


6. Cemented off the spring-loaded hinges.

Classic Mac Turned into


7. And he got his final product ready. This is what he made!

Classic Mac Turned Into A Trash Can


This is what he is using a Classic Mac as – “A Trash Can”

Mac Saved From Trash Just to Turn into one


What do you think of this? 

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