Zoo is the place where animals are caged and humans are outside! A lot of these animals are neglected and their natural habitat is taken away from them. But this zoo in China decided to do something very different and unreal. Here the animals and humans have switched places!

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Lehe Ledu Wildlife Zoo in Chongqing, China is giving people the chance to get up close with some of the world’s most fierce animals. A cage, filled with people is driven around the park and everyone can enjoy watching the animals in their own habitat. And the coolest part is you can feed them with your own hands!


Live chickens are used as baits to drive these wild animals closer, so people can see them from up close and get a chance to view the dining experience these animals have!

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Animals that will be able to get a closer look so far include lions, Bengal tigers and their subspecies, the white tiger, and bears.

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Standing inside a wire mesh cage, the visitors are able to offer food to lions and tigers through a small opening at the top

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The zoo is one of a few in the world which has installed a moving cage to bring visitors as close as possible to big cats in an open habitat.

Zoo Where Humans are caged

One white tiger springs up onto the vehicle in front of tourists to reach his food, which has been thrown from the top of the moving cage.

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Let me know in comments below, if you love to have this wildest experience on your trip to China!

[h/t DailyMail]

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