Reckless Russian Teen Test Fate By Hooping High Speed Train Around The Country


Seeing this definitely you will have goose bump!! We all known safety is first while we do any work, while travel also we use to wear seatbelt, while boating also should obey boating laws and

Russian River Has Turned Blood Red And The Reason Is Horrible

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Have you ever heard the color of River water turns in bright red color. You won’t believe but this happen in Russia, Daldykan River in Russia which is near to Norilsk city turns blood red

You Won’t Believe What This Storm Looking Thing Is!

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They are capable of attacking the farm and destroy acres of crops, they cannot be taken lightly. The locust when acts in unison can act as a great power of nature and ruin everything that

Video: Cluster of UFOs Spotted Over Moscow, Which Is Declared To Be Authentic By Experts


This is a video recoding of four unidentified flying objects spotted over the Russian capital, Moscow, by a guy named only as Timur by the local media. This video was recorded last month, when he