Dad Fails Miserably Attempting To Send Text To His Daughter

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Have you ever used Siri, expecting it to do what to tell it to do, but the (not-so) smart Siri does something totally weird! Here is a dad try to text his daughter a "Love

How to Play Music Through Siri on iPhone

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Siri is one of the finest innovations that Apple has introduced. Before it was introduced with the iOS 6 update, most people weren’t even sure of having a ‘talking smart phone’, but when the impact

How to get turn by turn directions through Siri using Google maps

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Did you know that Siri is not only one of the most effective digital assistants that you can get through your iPhone, but you can also use it for navigational purposes? There are very few

Siri and S Voice Coming to BMW in 2014

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With technology advancing at a rapid rate, it wasn’t going to take a long time before mobile phone technology expanded further. Already, companies are offering Bluetooth functionality with their vehicles, which allows you to connect