With technology advancing at a rapid rate, it wasn’t going to take a long time before mobile phone technology expanded further. Already, companies are offering Bluetooth functionality with their vehicles, which allows you to connect your smart phone via Bluetooth the car’s interface, allowing you to stream calls and talk without using your hands. However, with revolutionary voice technology now being introduced such as Siri and S Voice in two of the most prominent smart phone manufacturers in the market at present, companies such as BMW and Audi have introduced plans to incorporate separate systems that will take advantage of these services.

For instance, BMW has announced that all 2014 models will include support for S Voice and Siri. This means that all you have to do is connect your phone via Blue Tooth to the car’s interface, or dock it, and then you can activate Siri or S Voice by just holding down the voice access button on your steering wheel. A banner will be included on top of the in car display when the driver is allowed to speak. The Siri Eyes Free system, which won’t even require you to hold the phone in your hands, is going to make use of the revolutionary microphone system that is incorporated within BMW models, and is going to provide you with maximum functionality on the go.

Moreover, BMW has also announced that it is going to introduce a slew of different apps that are going to increase the amount of options present to the people when it comes to radio entertainment, with Audible, Rhapsody, Glympse and Tune In Radio all being announced by the automobile giants. In a press release that was put forth by the company, it stated that the primary objective is to link at least five million cars with the Connected Drive System by the year 2017.

The amazing connectivity options are designed to provide maximum functionality and feasibility to the users, allowing them to use their phones to the fullest without even looking at them. Both Siri and S Voice are capable of a variety of different functions, such as setting reminders, emailing, calling contacts, etc. Siri can even jot down notes for you. With BMW’s Connected Drive System, vehicle owners are likely going to be very pleased with the amount of functionality and options that the company has provided.

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