She changed the Beauty Game by doing Makeup with CRAYON

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When you heard about crayon what comes in your mind first that they are used to fill color in drawing, but while watching the video you will be amazed by this girl. Every girl uses

Fierce video from the eye of a tornado will terrify you

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TORNADO!! This one word is enough to scare the hell out of you because we all know this massive power of nature leaves nothing but the dust behind when it hits a place. While there

Grandma Freaks Out Watching This In Virtual Reality

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Ever wondered how grandparents would react to watching something in virtual reality?   Grandchildren of this woman who lives in Portadown, Northern Ireland convinced her to try watching Jurassic Park VR. Grandma doesnt seem to enjoy what she

Adorable reaction when baby meets dad’s twin for the first time


This is the cutest and the best thing I have seen today! Stephen Ratpojanakul (is probably the dad, in the gray sweater) who is holding baby Reed, has an identical twin Michael. They are playing with

4 Outrageously Awesome Chicken Wings Recipes That You Can Use For Super Bowl


Chicken Wings, also know as Buffalo Wings or Buffalo Chicken wings are just a section of chicken wings which are mostly deep-fried, unbreaded and coated in different sauces like BBQ sauce or Vinegary based cayenne