Here, 100 Doors Walkthrough 31-40 level for you, if you could not make it here yet, then check out the previous levels:

Click the Green Door

Now, you are ready for playing”100 Doors Walkthrough 31-40 Level. This article will definitely guide you to pass the game for getting the next level. So, follow the solutions here for reaching the 100 doors.

100 Doors Walkthrough 31-40 Level Guide

100 Doors Walkthrough Level 31-40

In this part of the game, on the level, 31st, you will shake your phone, on this, three tubes will fall. When it will drop in the 31st number, you can arrange the tubes in a circle, which you would see on the right side of the door. Then, you will turn the knob and hit the green door there.

Full of Adventure and Thrill

Now, you are ready for 32 levels, in the game, 100 doors walkthrough 31-40 level. In the language, you will see the symbol of Egypt. You will also find some other numbers, question, which the clue is? You would observe column and row numbers, on the right side. Here is the answer that you’re searching.

You click the 2nd column of number 5th row, for three times. Tap the number 4th column on 2nd row, for one time. After this click the number 4rth column on the 2nd row, for one time. Then, Tap the number one column on the 2nd row, for two times. And finally, tap the 3rd column on the 6th row, for four times.

Get Ready for another Stage

So, players!  Get ready for another stage, again, in the game, 100 doors walkthrough 31-40 level.

You move, your phone and wait, a key will appear. This’s one technique, you can use on the door. After that click 0 notes right side, until you get 3 & 3 number. Here, move ahead to click the red button. After this, you will find music scale, tap the right note. First, you go for single note without a flag, then, single note with the flag for 2, three flags for 3, double note for 4, and single note with two flags for 5. This is all for 100 door 31-40 level. Congratulations for being successful, up to these levels and move forward, 100 doors walkthrough level  41-50 waiting for you!

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