The amount of competition within the music streaming industry is rapidly increasing, and what with companies such as Apple and Twitter also hoping to introduce themselves in to this highly lucrative business, it seems as if every single music streaming service within the market is trying to up the ante by introducing new features and a much more improved navigation interface. Now, with an increasing amount of focus being placed on music streaming apps (since the mobile app industry is easily the largest), numerous different mobile streaming services have introduced new features. For instance, Apple just introduced a new beta version of its iTunes Radio app, while the famous music streaming service Rdio also introduced a number of big features to its iTunes app, and now, Pandora has followed these big names and introduced a slew of new features.

The latest update brings the app to its version 4.4, which provides the following changes:

–          Playback buffering has now been improved, hence providing you with an improved playback so that your music keeps on playing without any stuttering, regardless of a flaky connection.

–          Whenever you mute your phone, the app will automatically pause the song that was playing, so that you never have to miss out on a good track again.

–          Every single URL that works on the website are now easily accessible on your phone as well, and works just as fine.

–          Numerous bug fixes have been introduced, hence making your music playback even more improved.

Even though most people are using WiFi while using Pandora, those who aren’t are likely to see an improved music playback on their cell service as well. As a result, you will be very pleased with what the app has to offer in terms of music connectivity. However, the real steal of the show is the auto pause feature, which introduces a unique feature in order to pause the phone as soon as you mute it. A lot of people have to automatically press the mute button when they are about to talk to someone, etc. and as a result, the app easily pauses your music playback until you play it again. Pandora is one of the most famous music streaming services in the market at present, and with the competition heating up already, these new features are all the more welcome.

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