Font Quiz is a quiz game that requires the user to guess the name of the brand, movie, game, television or bands from the font that is used to describe the name or the logo of those famous icons. Simple tap on any font you recognize and type in the correct answer. You can also use the hints provided.

Here are the answers for Fonts Quiz Games

Font Quiz Answers Games

Font Quiz Answers – Games


SUPER MARIO – Letter R in green

METAL GEAR SOLID – Letter R in red

PROFESSOR LAYTON – Letter L in brown over a hat in black

CONTRA – Modified letter C In orange and red

STARFOX – Letter X in yellow and orange with one end of X forming the foxtail

GRAND THEFT AUTO – Letter t in lower case in white with a black border

HALF LIFE – the mathematical symbol lambda in orange

GUITAR HERO – letter e in lower case in white with black border

LITTLE BIG PLANET – letter g in lower case with a mechanic gear inside it

MASS EFFECT – Letter M in metallic with a scratch line through it

ZELDA – Letter Z in red

LEMMINGS – Letter L in green with a yellow border

STREET FIGHTER 2 – Letter H in yellow and red gradient

MONKEY ISLAND – Letter M in red to orange gradient

FINAL FANTASY – Letter N in gray

TETRIS – Letter E in pink to white gradient

HALO – Letter A in blue with a glow on top and some geometric structures behind it

CASTLEVANIA – modified letter C in green with design on top and underneath it

POKEMAN – Letter P in yellow with a purple border

GOD OF WAR – Letter G made of fire graphics

Font Quiz Answers Games 1

Font Quiz Answers Games


MINECRAFT – Letter C in stone

OUTRUN – Letter R in blue white and yellow

DONKEY KONG – Red circle with a green star in yellow border

PACMAN – Letter P in yellow with some letter in blue behind it

PRINCE OF PERSIA – Modified Letter P in metallic silver

VIVA PINATA – Letter P in red, yellow and orange with a light and a dark blue border

FALLOUT – A lightening streak with a blackish oval behind it

QUAKE – Letter Q in black background

ROCKBAND – Letter R in black with a white border around it

SPACE INVADERS – Letter A in yellow with small horizontal line in orange and red above it

RESIDENT EVIL – modified letter R in lover case with cracks into it

GHOST TRICK – Letter O in black with a blue ghost face with black eyes inside it

DEUS EX – Letter E in metallic gold

ANGRY BIRDS – Letter A in white with black and yellow border around it

SONIC – Letter O in bright yellow with a royal blue border inside and outside

LA NOIRE – Letter O with a light beam forming it

MEGAMAN – Letter G in yellow

EARTHWORM JIM – A geometric shape in red and orange with an earthworm looking thing on front of it

PORTAL – Letter O in sky blue

UNCHARTED – Letter U in white with black scratches on it

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