Font Quiz is a quiz game that requires the user to guess the name of the brand, movie, game, television or bands from the font that is used to describe the name or the logo of those famous icons. Simple tap on any font you recognize and type in the correct answer. You can also use the hints provided.

Here are the Fonts Quiz Answers for Movies

Font Quiz Answers Movies

Font Quiz Answers Movies


Blade Runner – Letter E in red with a cut inside black background

Back to the Future – Letter B in red and yellow inside black background

Jaws – Letter J in red inside Blue background

Starwars – Letter W in black with a yellow border inside a black background

Aliens – Letter A in light green with a white flash on right in black background

Monsters Inc – Letter M in blue with an eye inside a lilac background

The Mask – Modified letter M in light green inside yellow background

Clockwork Orange – Letter O in orange with a black dot inside a black background

Matrix – letter T in white inside a blue and a black background

Indiana Jones – letter N in orange and yellow with a shadow inside a light yellow background

Shawn of the Dead – Letter A in red with a scary hand inside

The Muppets – Letter M in green with a hair fringe in grass green

Shrek – Letter S in green with two ears

Pulp Fiction _ Letter F in yellow in a red background

West Side Story – Letter Y in black with a red background

Gremlins – Letter G in dark pink

Predator – Letter E in red with strips in white at the lower end

Sin City – Letter s in red with a black background

Trainspotting – letter in white inside an orange background

Scream – letter M in white with a black background

Font Quiz Answers Movies 1

Font Quiz Answers Movies


Spiderman – Letter R in metallic Silver with a black background

Borat – Letter B in light orange with a black border

Clerks – Letter L in white with a red rectangle behind

Jurassic Park – Letter P in white with a red line inside

Simpsons Movie – Letter E in yellow with white background

Wall-e – Letter E in white with a red circle behind

Harry Porter – Letter P in metallic gold with a dagger like end

Juno – Letter J in green with a orange and white background

Mars Attack – letter M in pink with a black border with a green background

The Avengers – Letter A with an arrow in black with a silvery glare

Pretty woman – Letter Y in hot pink and yellow with a white background

Ironman – Letter N in gold and bronze with a black background

Terminator – Letter N in sky blue with a black background

A Bug’s Life – Letter U in yellow with a silhouette of a bug in a green background

Tron – Letter T and R combine with a blue light forming a border in a black background

Sex and the City – Letter X in glittery pink with a glow in a black background

Kill Bill – Letter K in black cut in two halves inside a yellow background

Memento – handwritten letter M in black with a white background

Avatar – Letter A in sky blue and a black background

Vertigo – letter G in black in a red background

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