Since the farming simulator genre took up with the rise of Farmville, there have been thousands of different farming SIMs that have come in to the fray. At this moment, the genre is significantly populated with a number of different games. Not only are farming simulators good, but they also provide a number of different incentives to keep on playing, such as new objectives, new challenges, etc. So, what is Hay Day all about? Here’s our review:

When you first start the game, you will be given a piece of land. Your main aim is to make a number of plantations, manage finances in order to buy farming equipment, etc. in order to generate more revenue. Once you get started and have started producing, you can then sell off your harvest in order to get more money.

However, the game is regarded as a ‘freemium’, which means that you are unlikely to get very far without making a financial investment in the game. Even though you can download the main game for free, you will have to make purchases in game if you really wish to get far. The thing is, this game tends to get very addictive very fast, so people will be making in game purchases if they get hooked.

Even though at first you will find that there are decent number of resources available at your disposal, purchasing good quality farming equipment in order to really take the game to the next level is important. After an hour or so of playing, you will soon begin to see the production being slowed down, and a number of other factors will come in to play that will ultimately force you to make a financial investment.

The most important thing about Hay Day is that it actually gives you returns on your financial investments. Unlike most games that charge very high fees for their in game transactions, Hay Day is adequately priced and the benefits are pretty decent. Generating in game currency tends to get very slow, and in order to purchase the bigger stuff, you will need money, so rather than waiting around for hours to generate enough funds, the other option is to purchase via payments.

One thing about the game that must be told is that it tends to crash unceremoniously at random times, especially when the amount of stuff that is happening on the screen tends to increase significantly.

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