Logos Quiz is a quiz game or app in which you have to guess the names of logos of various brands or companies. Each logo you answer correctly will fetch you points and some will unlock hints you can use to complete the game. More you answer the more levels you advance. It’s a challenging and a fun quiz; try to solve it by yourself or challenging friends. It’s fun when you try to do it yourself, but if you need help doing that we would be more than happy to help you with these logo quiz answers and solutions for level 6.

Logo Quiz Answers Level 6

Logo Quiz Answers Level 6


ZARA – letters Z and R in black

NOVARTIS – orange and yellow curvy shapes like fire flame and a blue elongated triangle between the two curves

BT – ovals and circles in various sizes in red, blue, violet, hot pink, yellow and green color placed in a way to form a imaginary circle.

ZTE – letter E in blue and some mandarin characters in black following it

HUGO BOSS – letters S written twice in black

SSANGYONG – a blue shape with curvy sides and having vertical similarity

ETIHAD – Arabic work with “Airways” written underneath

PERRIER – a green circle with yellow and white trapezoids on both the sides of the circle

AIR BERLIN – Red rounded rectangle with two circle one inside the rectangle and one outside and two curvy shapes in it

DICKIES – a red oval with letter D in yellow and a horizontally long rectangle in blue

TELENOR – three blue 3D looking balloons joined together at the end to form a fan like shape

SANTANDER – a red oval with two red and two white curvy shapes on it

BOEING – a circle in white with blue border and two geometric shape on it

MILKA – a lilac square with letter M in white inside it

BNP PARIBAS – a green square with four white squares placed in a way to form a curvy line

PONTIAC – a red arrow head pointing downwards with a silver metallic border and a plus sign inside it

LEE – Letter L in black

UBS – three keys placed over each other such that all the keys are seen

CITI – two gray rectangular bars with a red curved line joining then from top

PETRONAS – a blue dot with a border looking like a drop of water and a triangle on its right

Logo Quiz Answers Level 6

Logo Quiz Answers Level 6


ROLEX – a brown crown

BASF – a gray square with a small with square inside, a small gray square and letter B

BIRDHOUSE – lower case letter b in bold and black color

SHERATON – Letter S in blue and a streak of leaves on both side forming a circle around the letter

STABILO – A silhouette of a swan with a circle around it in red

UMBRO – – horizontally elongated diamond shape in white, blue, white and blue

CNET – lowercase letter C with a long vertical line in white inside a red circle

ADECCO – letter A and c in white inside a red rectangle

SALOMON – two blue C shaped curves place together to form an oval

MAGGI – a flattened balloon shape in dark orange with orange border on two sides

FINNAIR – modified letter F in white inside a light and a dark blue square with a white curve on its bottom right corner

SHISEIDO – letters s, s and o on red

HASBRO – letters H and a with a half moon shape in white inside a blue square

BVLGARI – Letters B and V in black

ATP – A silhouette of a man in light blue color inside a dark blue square up to his chest with his arms raised in the air and holding a racket in one hand

GATORADE – an orange lightning thunderbolt with silhouette of a word underneath

ROCHE – letter R and e in blue inside a white hexagon with blue border

AMSTEL – an upright gold ring like shape with a diamond and the inner circle in half red and half white

CLINIQUE – letter C in bold black and two horizontal lines underneath it with letters C and E inside the two lines

ABN AMRO – a cyan pentagon with a yellow triangle inside it


Logo Quiz Answers Level 6

Logo Quiz Answers Level 6


PACO RABANNE – lowercase letter r in white with a bold black border around it

STELLA ARTOIS – a red noble stamp

KPMG – four blue squares with letter K written half-way on the first square

REPSOL – an oval with upper half in orange and lower half in red and dark blue

PRADA – letter R inside an oval with decorated border

CACHAREL –letter c and h in gray

MAN – Word “MAN” with a semi-circle over it in metallic silver

USPS – the head of an eagle in white inside a blue square

ALITALIA – a red small sized triangle with a white border followed by a green border

STUMBLEUPON – letters s and u in white joined together inside a circle with upper half in green and the lower half in blue

BUGATTI – letter B inside a red oval with a white border with red dots inside

DISNEY CHANNEL – the head of the Mickey mouse in blue and a yellow board behind it

STAEDTLER – Blue head silhouette of a centurion

PELIKAN – the silhouette of a mother and a child pelican in white inside a blue circle

FANTA – a green leaf inside an orange circle

PIONEER – letters p and e in maroon

WALMART – letter W in blue and six yellow lines to form a flower like shape

CHINA MOBILE – a blue circle with a letter S looking shape with lines in blue and white

DAIHATSU – modified letter D in white inside a red circle

DIOR – Letter D and r in black


Logo Quiz Answers Level 6

Logo Quiz Answers Level 6


KRAFT – Letter T in blue inside a hexagon with a thick red border

TEXACO – Letter T in red inside a white star which in turn is inside a red circle

MONT BLANC – a white flower like shape inside a black circle

THE HOME DEPOT – letters T, H and D in white place diagonally inside an orange circle

VERSACE – a head of a lady wearing jewelry inside a circle

HERMES – a horse with his cart and a man standing in front of it in orange

MAC – Letter A in black with black dots one on each side

HANKOOK – a red-orange shape with three curvy thick lines

AIRBUS – a circle with curvy lines in white and blue

GENERAL ELECTRICS – letters G and E in white inside a sky blue colored circle

IBERDROLA – a green leaf and two drop shapes one in blue and one in yellow

ANON – a shape looking like letter X in black with a vertical line joining its side on the left

LADA – Modified letters Dad and S in metallic silver inside a blue oval with a metallic silver border

RABOBANK – a silhouette of a man in blue walking on a circle shaped floor with a star and a circle printed on it

HELENA RUBINSTEIN – Letters H and R joined together in gray

DANONE – a dark blue curved rectangle with a red arc in the lower center and a light blue and a white semi-circle over it

Logos Quiz Answers Level 3

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