The Android OS and the iOS are competing head to head in becoming the best operating system. However, the iOS still holds the impetus with millions of different apps for people to choose from. It comes as no surprise that the Entertainment section has the most number of apps, with more and more people taking the iPhone as an entertainment portal. There are many new and distinctive apps that are present in the world today, and hundreds of thousands of free apps are also available. One of the apps that has received positive acclaim in the past is Logos Quiz, an entertainment app designed by Atico Mobile S. I.

Primarily, this is a quiz game that is designed to provide you with hours of fun, as it keeps you guessing the actual name of the logos that are displayed on screen. The application has preinstalled pictures of hundreds of logos from different companies, and keeps the users guessing for hours and hours of fun. The size of the app is around 47 MB, so it is a pretty substantial download for those who run primarily on data connections. However, after you have downloaded and installed the app on your iPhone, that’s when the fun begins. When you open the app, a screen greets you with the two different choices, to either start a game or go to the options. Checking out the options will provide you with basic settings such as toggling the sound on or off, sharing your progress on social networking websites and checking out the credits and info. When you click on the new game, you are taken to a new screen, as Level 1 officially begins. On the screen, several different brands are displayed. By touching on to each of these brands, you get the option of writing the name of the brand within the space provided.

You can then press on ‘Check’ to verify whether your answer is true, or you can ‘Del’ in order to remove and rewrite. In most cases, the app takes a unique turn, such as removing part of a sign, and providing space for you to fill in the blanks. For instance, an example is that of the ‘eBay’ logo on Logos Quiz. The ‘B and A’ in between the logo is missing, and users must fill in the gap if they are to succeed. The correct guesses within a level are shown with ‘green ticks’, while there is a certain threshold that you must cross in order to clear each level. On both Android and iOS devices, the app is pretty similar, with minor design renditions.

Logos Quiz Answers and Cheats

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