What is it?

Probably the biggest hype created in the tablet market was the announcement a couple of weeks back about Microsoft’s first foray into this market. The iPad is still the unprecedented champion when it comes to tablets, but it seems like Microsoft have upped the ante, with the announcement of Windows 8 and Windows RT Pro for the latest Microsoft tablet, dubbed Microsoft Surface. At a keynote conference, the new tablet was unveiled by the CEO of Microsoft, and after the presentation was over, there were many positive things that were said.

How it Works

The Microsoft Surface was unveiled in two variants. The cheaper model, which runs on Windows RT will be available for a lesser price, and will run on an ARM Cortex Processor. The tablet is stylishly designed, with a 10.1” Clear Type HD display, running at 720p. More specifications are as yet unreleased, but it is likely that the tablet will sport a dual core or a quad core processing chip inside, resulting in blazing fast processing performance. Apart from that, there was a second variant of the tablet which was released too. Visually, both are similar but the internal specifications of the second one are higher. This one will run on Intel processor, and is going to run the tablet version of Windows 8.


As mentioned, both the tablets will run on a high powered Microsoft Clear Type HD display, and the one with Windows 8 will include an Intel processor. Therefore, it is likely that the processing speeds of the Windows 8 Microsoft Surface edition will be on par with an Ultra Book. Both the tablets can be purchased with a ‘Touch and Type’ cover, which is a thin cover that connects via a magnetic strip located at the bottom of the device.

This cover has a proper keyboard similar to a laptop, albeit very thin. It also has a touchpad for maximum user convenience. The tablet also has a dedicated USB port for fast transfers as well as a HDMI port for connection to a larger screen.

Pricing and Release date

Unfortunately, neither the pricing nor the release date was revealed at the early conference, and more details are still being awaited anxiously. However, what was shown made it more than obvious that the Microsoft Surface is a device that is going to pose a serious challenge for the iPad’s supremacy, and might even dethrone it.

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