Mobile users worldwide are constantly looking out for new releases and great effort is on to please the expectant consumers. As the `Winner takes it All’, there is an everlasting rush to sell and even acquire latest finds and makes. Global mobile creators like Samsung and HTC are competing strongly with each other to gain ground on each and every gadget release. The latest churn-outs, Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One, are already household names.
Modern proverbial saying, `A mobile in the hand is worth two in the store’, holds true for every buy linked with new releases. So, make hay while the sun shines and decide on the most opt smartphone between the two – Galaxy S4 or HTC One.

Samsung GALAXY S4

Samsung GALAXY S4

Galaxy S4 vs. HTC One: Who is the Champion?

The dice is rolled and the stage is set. Reviewers are on a rampage discussing the pros and cons of all things `mobile’. Decide on the right Android model that suits your interests and pocket. Let the debate begin.

Samsung Galaxy S4: Pros and Cons

As usual, Samsung’s Galaxy S4 comes loaded with goodies to please even the most disinterested of users. Captivating apps, novel design and strong internal architecture are some of the plus points from the vast array of attractive deals present in the versatile gadget. Rock the town with a Samsung Galaxy S4 in tow.

The Entire Samsung Galaxy S4 Picture

Weighing just 150 g (7.9 mm thickness), the device is a slim and trim version offering the right smug fit. Excellent hardware specifications and wholesome Android experience, places the handset at a notch above other contenders. With a wonderful 17-hour battery life in 3G use, what more to ask for in a mobile.

  • Successful Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean edition with 1.9 GHz Qualcomm (Snapdragon 600) Quad-core processor.
  • Super AMOLED Screen (5-inch) with 1080 pixel resolution and a storage capacity of 16 GB to 64 GB.
  • Hi-tech TouchWiz presentation layer and integrated superb Knox Sandbox feature.
  • Sophisticated 13 megapixel camera (with BSI sensor and LED flash) that clicks professional pictures.
  • Animated 3D dial to pick and choose various camera modes.

Good sensor resolution, micro-SD slot memory booster, and other add-ons live up to high user expectations. A definite mobile crowd puller, the Galaxy S4 stands out among the rest of the pack. Indulge in the Samsung experience and be a part of the privileged many.

The Ruling

The current Galaxy S4 version once again reiterates Samsung’s hold in the mobile industry. An out-an-out smartphone version, it is a good upgrade device with sought-after mobile characteristics. It does not however, stand out as a new and original Samsung find, as it is just houses updated integrations. As a newer version copy of the older edition, Samsung Galaxy S4 glows bright amidst the rest.

HTC One: Plus Points and De-merits

Voted as one of the top Android smartphone HTC One flagship gadget is one among the best. Rounded ergonomics, first-rate camera, simple but effective design, and high-quality hardware benefits are few of the many positive elements. It is certainly apt to term HTC as a High Tech Catch among other competitors in the mobile world.

The Whole HTC One Deal

Weighing slightly higher (than Samsung Galaxy S4) at 143 g the 9.3 mm thick, the 4.1 Android gadget still comes in the list of slender smartphones. With the HTC (with HTC Sense 5) name attached to its One range, the gadget is a true embodiment of useful and handy mobile phones.

  • Fine 2 GB RAM 1.7 Hz Quad-core Snapdragon processor and internal memory capacity of 32 GB/64 GB.
  • Tried and tested IPS 4.7- inch screen with 1080 pixel resolution.
  • Excellent 2.1 mega pixel front-facing camera, with 4 mega pixel resolution and LED flash.
  • Dual front mounted speakers providing clear and thumping audio quality.

Well suited structure and design (with aluminum and plastic casing), the HTC One model illuminates sharp and clear text and images. The natural look attributed to IPS display is the key factor discerning the product. A sturdy and good model, the HTC One is a name to reckon with.

The Verdict

The HTC One is a one of its kind smartphone mold that has already created a wave in the mobile souk. Zealous gadget freaks are in for a treat with its strong working elements and blueprint. Although not exactly on par with the Samsung Galaxy S4, the device holds its own among mighty technology names.

Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One: How to Decide on the Right One?

Both Galaxy S4 and HTC One are popular brands in the market. What is the best one for me? Decide on the fitting model based on your individual needs.

  • Buy Samsung Galaxy S4 for good memory capacity, TouchWiz element and mass of various attractive propositions.
  • Buy HTC One for best audio elements, sturdy built and better looking software.

Enjoy the gadgets fair and strike a fair deal based on unique smartphone models.

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