The mobile giants Samsung and Apple are once again at loggerheads with `mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the best of us all…’. The latest gadgets Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5s are making waves in the mobile market vying with each other, to up the selling quotient. The new products compete with each other in all aspects of design, size and structure. Jam packed with goodies, Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5s smartphones are the current rages among hard core festival choppers. Choose the best buy for you and ring in the festive season with a brand new mobile in hand.

Galaxy S4 against iPhone 5s: Which is the Best Bet?

Amidst heated debate on the most rewarding latest mobile product, both Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5s emerge as strong contenders. Which gadget rules the roost, is a million dollar question. Mobiles are an extension of your personality. So, pick and choose the right one for you.

Samsung Galaxy S4: Strengths and Weakness

The Galaxy S4 comes loaded with catchy features to capture the interests of any gadget lover. Revamped size and design works in favor of the device, reinventing the need in the buyer to go for this trendy mobile in town.

The Whole Story

The promotional campaign of the Galaxy S4 Android (4.2.2 Jelly Bean) handset vouches for the long life battery, proclaiming it as a 17-hours wonder (for 3G general use). The larger and sharper screen instrument boasts a 13 megapixel camera, and integrated business element such as the new-fangled Knox Sandbox.

  • A 1.9 GHz Qualcomm (Snapdragon 600) Quad-core processor.
  • Updated adaptation of TouchWiz (Samsung’s Android presentation layer).
  • Additional micro SD slot, increasing memory storage capacity.
  • A clearer and sharper full HD super AMOLED (441 ppi strength) screen, with 1920×1080 display.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a power ranger with flexible aspects incorporated to capture the thriving mobile bazaar. The chock-a-block product once again proves the might of the mobile phone giant. A trendsetter in all ways, it is indeed a pretty treat for all die-hard smartphone fans.

The Verdict

Samsung has without a doubt upgraded its earlier version to the present Galaxy S4 edition. It is however, just a promotion gimmick and not a new version production. If you are looking for an original idea-based Samsung mobile, then the Galaxy S4 stands at a slightly lower level than mighty high expectations.
Go for its impressive screen and customizing ability. These will definitely not fail to please you.

Apple iPhone 5s: Powers and Limitations

The iPhone 5s is `a dream come true’ for ardent fans and smartphone buffs alike. Popular with arresting features, the gadget once again proves the might of the Apple roll outs.

The Particulars

Declared as the newest iOS 7 make, the iPhone 5s is an updated version of its last year hit predecessor. Announced as a much faster variation from its ancestor, the gadget houses an innovative Touch ID (fingerprint identity) sensor. The smartphone is an ideal handset for small-handed users, as it fits snugly and comfortably.

  • A 64-bit mobile processor with Apple 7 chip set, and Apple M7 co-processor.
  • Better performance ratio with a superior CPU feat (40 times more than the iPhone 5).
  • Good iSight camera (rear 8 mph; front 1.2 mph) with low-light photo capturing facility, and new-kid-in-the-block 120fps slow motion video.
  • Added fresh space colors such as gold and grey hues.

The iPhone 5s has integrated a host of new features to capture a wider user market. The smartphone does not let down the Apple name by placing it as a front runner. If you are a fond Apple enthusiast then just close your eyes and buy the newest iPhone 5s.

The Verdict

Apple iPhone 5s is a step ahead in terms of next generation incorporations, with iOS 7 and Touch ID features. Probably the best iPhone released by the technology giant. If you are looking for something more, then the gadget just registers, as an automatic update of Apple’s former version.
Unrivaled applications, unique accessories, and excellent media support; the Apple iPhone 5s has it all. Certainly a high quality buy for its money’s worth.

Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5s: Which is the Right One for Me?

The Samsung Galaxy S4 and Apple iPhone 5s are both in-style smartphones that have already created a wave among mobilites. The gadgets are newer versions of earlier models and live up to expectations.

  • Choose Samsung Galaxy S4 if you are not convinced with Apple’s exciting iO7, Touch ID and hordes of other exciting apps.
  • Choose Apple iPhone 5s if you are okay with a smaller screen, lower battery life, and do not want a powerful Android system.

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