Your iPhone has a number of secret options that you can try in order to enhance your overall user experience. People who are interested in getting a range of different features from their iPhone will be very pleased with the hidden set of features that you can try. Check them out below:

Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone 5

Turn the camera flash into a blinking alert light

If you want to turn your iPhone flash into a blinking alert light, you can do that now. The process is very simple, and will help you in ascertaining when you are getting a call. The flash beside your camera will begin to blink whenever you receive a text message or a call. In order to do that, you will need to download an app from the App Store, which will allow you to optimize the flash according to your own usage. You can then set the amount of blinks that the flash will make whenever you get a call or a text.

Take a screenshot of your home screen

Taking a screenshot of your home screen, or of any other screen that you are on is a very simplistic way of showcasing your phone’s outlook. For instance, if you are on a browser screen and have to take a picture of it, you can do so. You can even take pictures within an app interface, allowing you to display your scores or your achievements on social media. In order to take a picture, just hold your lock screen button (located on the top right) and then press the Home button (the only button on the front side of your iPhone). You will hear a camera ‘clicking’ sound, and the screen is going to register a slight flash. The screenshot will then be saved in your pictures app.

Undo a text message with a ‘shake’

Do you have to write a message all over again? Rather than deleting everything, you can just ‘shake’ your iPhone in order to remove the whole message. To do so, open your iPhone settings, and go to the keyboard option. Then, click on General Settings, and tick the ‘Shake to Undo’ option. In order to check it, just write anything and then shake your phone. The message will automatically get deleted, saving a lot of time and hassle on your part.

Hope these little secrets help you make your life easier while using your iPhone.

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