No doubt, the iPhone is an expensive device; it happens sometime you lose this precious device. However, there are glad tidings for you, there are some ways available that enable you to get your stolen device back. In this article you will go through all the ways and get your iPhone back, if you lose it for some reasons.

Device Locator that Tracks Your Phone Location

There is no need of a monthly subscription for device locator. You just spend $4.99 and get logged in its web-based account. This device tracks out the location of the iPhone, provides lock facility, so thieves cannot get access to your data.

FoneHome can take Photos Remotely

This device provides you GPS-based locations of your lost or stolen iPhone, it doesn’t end here, and FoneHome can take photos remotely. You can take pictures of the thief and listen sound. You can have had this service with nominal charges $1.99 only.

Gadget Trak Absolutely Free on Your iPhone

Gadget Trak attempts to trick the thief into sending location’s data about your iPhone to its server. By these informations, you could log in to the web console for locating your phone through IP address, map and GPS. You enjoy this facility free of cost.

‘iHound Provides Spouse& Kids’ Location besides Locating Stolen Phone

iHound is more efficient, because not only locates your lost device but, also makes you able for tracking your spouse and kids’ location. However, you have to buy this service. The charges for three months are paid with application purchase, whereas, extension cost runs between $3.99 to $19.99.

If Found+ Creates lock screen image and wallpaper with a message

If Found+ relies on Samaritans instead of GPS for locating the lost phone. It creates a lock screen image and wallpaper with a message, for asking the person, return the phone. Its fee is only $0.99.

Find my iPhone Enables You Lock and Wipe your iPhone remotely

It is Apple’s official application, which uses the iCloud service of the company to find your stolen iPhone. It helps you to lock, set pass code and even delete data on your phone remotely. No charges at all for this service!

Mobile Spy also Tracks other Stolen Phones Besides iPhone

The subscription cost of this service is $99.97 per annum. This service can track lost or stolen, Windows Mobile Phones, Android Phones and Blackberry, besides the iPhone. It provides you facility of track emails, record of new added contacts, locates with GPS and texts.

PleaseFindMyPhone a GPS Tracking Application

This is also a GPS tracking application, which keeps check, on your device’s position and reports it back to your web-based account. No monthly subscription necessary for it, just $4.99 cost for this application.

TraceMeFindMeTracks Your Phone Location

This service used to be free, but now its cost is $24.99 per annum. You may track your phone location of this application. You can do this tracking with web console.

Call Your Phone doesn’t help you to get your lost Phone Back

Call your phone doesn’t help you to get back your iPhone, however, if you have lost iPhone in the office or in the house, and the ringer is not off, then, call the number, you will track your iPhone by the rings.

Make a Wallpaper along with Contact Information

Only few above mentioned applications offer this thing. You can set the wallpaper along with every contact information, it is free of cost. You can avoid the theft of your phone by this, but it may help you to locate your stolen iPhone.

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