16 Most Favorite Facts About Pittsburgh You Should Know [Infographic]

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Are you from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania? Did you know all these cool facts about your city?  Check out this cool infographic that explains those facts very nicely. (Click Infographic to enlarge) Image via century3kia

Couple Married for 59 Years Die Holding Hands Hours Apart

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True love can never die, it last forever!!! There are few stories that will touch your heart. Margaret and Don Livengood’s love story is one among them. Margaret was battling with cancer and Don was

A Magical Treat for Harry Potter’s Fan: Privet Drive is Up For Sale Now


All, the Harry Potter, stay back and take a deep breath… 4 PRIVET DRIVE IS UP FOR SALE!!! Even though our beloved Harry Potter was not a big fan of Privet Drive, yet we are

A Gigantic 30-Tonne Meteorite Has Been Discovered

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Locals in the small Argentinian town of Gancedo were in for a surprise when a massive meteorite was discovered earlier this week. It is the second biggest meteorite, having weight 30 tonnes. The meteorite was buried

11 Useful Clothing Hacks Everyone Should Know

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Every now and then people are very excited to know various tips and tricks that will help them in everyday life. Whether it’s an expensive or handy thing or you want to clean up your

10 Cool Uses Of Toothpick That You Never Though Of

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Toothpick is one such pick which is been found in almost everybody home. Generally the use of toothpick is picking pieces of food from your teeth. But there’s much more that they can help you to

Father-Daughter Pushed “Pulling A Tooth” Little Out Of The Usual

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When we were just kids, at some point or other we all believe in “Tooth Fairies”, using our pulled out tooth for monetary exchanges. We all were super excited for our fallen out teeth ignoring

A New Shade Of Blue Discovered Accidentally Has Miraculous Properties

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It is quite common in scientific researches, that when you venture to invent something, you discover something else along the path. That’s what happened when a material scientist Mas Subramanian at Oregon State University was

What Fire Ants Can Do In Water Is Mind Boggling

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Everyone has experience fire ant bites at least once in their lifetime, and boy, that hurts like hell! When you are in your yard and you get a bite, your first reaction is to take

9 Incredibly Useful Things You Can Do With LEGO

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Everyone has played with LEGO once in their lifetime! But have you done anything else with those LEGO bricks, other than just playing with them?? HouseholdHacker shares 9 Incredibly Useful LEGO hacks that everyone must be using around