Well come to 100 Doors Walkthrough 61-70 Level, if you want last levels, then go through these articles:

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Higher Level Hard to Pass

You are in 100 doors walkthrough 61-70 level now, how can you pass this level, I am going to give you guideline in this article. Let’s Start! When you get near the end, this game becomes tougher and tougher. So, it is very difficult to pass the highest level.

100 Doors Walkthrough Level 61-70

100 Doors Walkthrough Level 61-70

Use Knife and Cut Red Wire

In this level 61-70, you will take start by seeing for a clock. You would drag, drop for the six shapes in white. So, drop this in the four blocks to the clock, top. It would let you get to 1830. The equation is here: 1+F+j then 3+L+7. Hope, you will get the hint by it. The answer is: you would use a knife and cut the red wire, here in the game.

Tap Left & Right Arrows

You will have to tap left arrow and right arrow that will make horizontal in the straight line. This would be at the door’ top. In the next stage, you would tilt the phone to the left, on doing this, there would be the layers of stone, and you will find them towards the top and finally, its red button.

Last Step

Now, you have reached a point in walkthrough level 60-71, where you would click the squares right, till the time, it would mirror some lights to the ceiling. You would also tap, where there’s black circle. When you get the level 64th, you will spin the eye which you see around.

You will have to do this in a clockwise and quickly. In this way, bar on the door’ top will be filled with green. Now, for level 65, you will take the ball,  put it into the right tube. When water will rise, the door gets opened, yes!  You’re going to enter 100 Doors Walkthrough 71-80 level.

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