Searching a way to keep your dog entertained, active, and out of distress? Add a few of these games into to your dog’s daily schedule.

Playing games with your dog is a perfect way to keep them busy, active, and out of troubles. And best of all, it’s a plenty of great fun for both you and your dog similarly.

Still, meddling over from where to start? Don’t worry, we have got you covered totally!!

From making use of a flirt pole to playing hide & seek, here are ten fun games to play with your dog.

1. Utilize Flirt Pole

Using a flirt pole is perfect way to keep your dog mentally and physically active always. They are especially great for high energy dogs because one quick session can really tire out your dog.

It is a long pole with a rope attached to the end of it. On the end of that rope specifically is a hanging object that’s used to tempt your dog to chase it. Flirt poles offer great exercise, and they are mentally stimulating. They are a great for practicing some basic impulse control, such as obeying commands.

Your own flirt pole can be made with some, some bungee cord, PVC pipe, and a dog toy.

Remember to take it slow when beginning to playout. 

2. Play Tug of War

It’s engaging, fun, it’s great physical exercise, and it’s a good way for dogs to practice their mannerism.

When playing tug, just don’t forget to follow this fundamental rule – the game stops if your dog’s teeth touch your skin.

And contrary to famous belief playing tug with your dog will not make him aggressive/wild, nor will letting him win make him invincible. Allowing your dog to win makes the game more engaging, and it reveals your dog that you are a lot of fun to be around them.

3. Play Frisbee

It is a game referred to as an enhanced game of fetch because it promotes your dog to chase over long distances!! 

A game of frisbee is a perfect exercise, and it’s a lot of fun for dogs that have a natural drive to chase.

Incase your dog is not aware of how to catch a frisbee, start out by using a soft disc. Traditional plastic frisbees are hard, so if they hit your dog in the face, they can discourage them from making an effort to grab it. Encourage them when they begin to follow it around and chase. Once your dog is curious to pursue it, you can increase the distance and start tossing it.

Game of frisbee can be more playful games than the fetch game, which is average.

4. Make Your Own Agility Courses

Yet another fun game for dogs is creating your own agility courses. It’s a fun way to train your dog some interesting tricks, and it’s a great source of mental stimulation for them.

Utilizing an agility course for your dog is a fun way to give them some mental & physical exercise.

And while you can go out and purchase many obstacle course items at pet supply stores. You can use some blankets to jump over and some little mini cones to weave through or a hula hoop to jump through.

5. Food-Dispensing Toys And Kong Stuffing

It is one of the handiest games to play with your dog. It’s fun, it prompts them to use any of their natural scavenging ability, and it’s mentally stimulating.

6. Chase Bubbles

The funniest games to play with your dog is teaching them to chase bubbles. 

If your dog does not know how to chase bubbles; begin by blowing a couple at a time. Point/Show out to them and encourage them to chase bubbles. Catch some on your own to show your dog that there’s nothing to worry about.

7. Water Games 

Going to the beach can be a great fun for dogs, especially those that are already in love with swimming -don’t forget a doggie life jacket for safety measures!

Carry dog toys and play a game of fetch in the water. Remember to check if they float first.

If your dog isn’t a great swimmer, you can play some water games in your backyard. Get a plastic kiddie pool and fill with water. Add in few toys and convert it into a ‘bobbing for apples’ game.

8. Find the Treats

To play find the treats, you will want to begin by putting a few treats on the floor while your dog is in the hold state. Give your dog their freedom commands and encourage them to find the treats!

Point to them and assist them along if they are striving. 

Encourage by praising them whenever they find it.

9. Digging Boxes Utilization

Many dogs love digging completely, and having their own digging box, for them is a way to assist them to dig in one selected area — that doesn’t include your landscaped garden at all.

You can make your own digging boxes with some and whenever wood sand from your local hardware store.

Few dogs will be excited to have a place to dig to their heart’s satisfaction. If your dog does not dig right away, you can make it game by dumping some of the favorite toys of your dog in the box to encourage them to dig them out.

10. Hide & Seek Game

Let your dog stay as you go find a place to hide. Once settled, call your dog and pamper/praise them when they finally search you!

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