In 2011, German YouTube user “TCHelmut” uploaded a video of his incredibly innovative new kind of aquarium which he built all by himself for his beloved koi fish in the middle of his garden pond. Its something like a “lookout tower” for the fishes. Usually people have aquariums in the house, but this guy made an aquarium in the garden so the fishes can enjoy the beautiful nature! In a day, up to 20 koi fishes swim up inside the tower up to the upper lid, while some even linger for several hours inside the column, taking in their exciting view!

The aquarium is open from the bottom, so the fishes can go back into the pond whenever they want.



Its made with 1 cm thick glass and its around 50 kgs (around 110 pounds) in weight without water and 160 kg (350 pounds) with water.

It’s really intriguing, to watch this fishes swim up in the tower and enjoy the view. Share this video with your friends who have pet fishes!


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