The Battle

After it was released, the Samsung Galaxy S2 was quick to become the most popular smart phone to be around. It included everything that a person could expect from a good phone: a good camera, blazing fast processing speeds, a powerful operating system with lots of capability and customizable features, and durability and protection. It was the first phone to eclipse the Apple iPhone stronghold on the smart phone market, and it was apparent that Apple needed a strong reply in order to establish itself at the top again. The iPhone 4 was in need of modifications, which were duly provided by the release of the iPhone 4S. In the following comparison, we check how the two heavyweights of the smart phone industry hold their own against each other.

Apple iPhone 4S:

The Apple iPhone 4S was released amidst a lot of public hype and fanfare. However, it left a majority of the fans disappointed because most of the people were expecting an iPhone 5 from Apple. However, there are massive upgrades provided by the iPhone 4S, as it made much needed changes. Aesthetically and visually, the phone is the same as its predecessor. The real changes are beneath the cover. The phone now runs an ARM Cortex A9 chipset, with dual core processing power. The camera has also been revamped up to 8 MP, taking stunning pictures. However, the iPhone 4S’ most stunning feature is Siri, a voice integration app that understands and adapts to whatever you say to it. You can send messages, set reminders and virtually ‘talk’ to your phone and give it commands. This option was very well received by most people, and was the major update in Apple’s latest innovative product.

Samsung Galaxy S2:

The Galaxy S2 had already been around for sometime before the Apple iPhone 4S was released. The phone runs on the Android OS, and has a dual core 1.2GHZ ARM Cortex A9 processor. There is a 8 MP Camera on board too. The phone has one of the most beautiful smart phone screens that you will ever lay your eyes on, with the Super AMOLED screen setting new trends for beauty lovers. It is a very durable phone that maximizes power and performance to the fullest. App tests run on both devices show that the Galaxy S2 still manages to eclipse the iPhone 4S slightly in terms of performance.

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