What is it?

Samsung has long been in a tussle of power with Apple. It was expected that the Apple iPhone would clean sweep all the sales in the whole world and become the most popular smart phone of all time with one model. Unfortunately, that was not to be, because the release of the Galaxy S2 from Samsung reverted the whole impetus and made it the most powerful and the most successful mobile phone at present. However, similar success has not been enjoyed by Samsung in the tablet market, where it aims to overthrow iPad.  Samsung released a variety of different tablets, namely the Galaxy Tab 10 and the Galaxy Tab 7. The latter of these devices, which features a 7 inch screen, will be the subject of our review today. Designed by Samsung, it runs a customized version of TouchWiz, and there are plenty of different features within the device that set it apart from its competitors.

How it works?

The Galaxy Tab was recently rebooted in September of 2011, and includes a sharp display with a resolution of 600×1024. The tablet ships with Android 2.3 Honeycomb, although that can be upgraded to a better version according to Samsung’s Support. The tablet can be purchased in two variants, the 16 GB or the 32 GB one. There is no space available for a micro SD card slot, so make sure you choose your space carefully. The tablet is extremely slim, and unlike a lot of different tabs out there, can support a SIM card. You can use it as a phone device though, and it comes with a Blue Tooth integration device along with it, making it easier for people to receive or dial calls. This is a great feature for those who want to mix their professional work with their essentials, although the 7 inch screen will cause problems for those who do not wish to carry clumsy weight around.


The device runs a PLS LCD capacitive touch screen, and functions on a Exynos Dual Core 1.2 GHz CPU for maximum performance. However, a slight disadvantage for the device is the camera, which is a mere 3.2 MP. Given that devices today are running 8 MP cameras, this is a major drawback from Samsung. It provides a battery talk time of a maximum 40 hours, while it can go up to a 1000 hours on standby.

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