Do you want to clean your Junk file?
Do you have active x error?
Do you have Java Applets error?
Do you like to clean up windows game score?

Try this

Benefit of cleaning junk files

  • Faster computer performance
  • Increase hard drive space
  • Fix error of java script and java applet in some case.
  • Clear your game history.

Follow the instruction below

Microsoft Windows 7  has great option to clean up a lot of junk files that’s no longer needed. Read description of each file type before you select clean up system file button.

Example you can clean up

  • Downloaded Program Files

    • Selecting this check mark will help you delete Active X controls and Java applets downloaded automatically from internet from certain pages. These are only temporary files. So it will be safe to delete these files.
  • Temporary Internet Files

    • These folders contain webpages stored in your hard drive for fast viewing experience. For example if you visit The website will download some files on your computer so when you visit next time it will load faster.
  • Offline Webpages

    • Webpages downloaded to view later time on your computer without using internet.  It is life browsing offline.
  • Game News Files

    • It facilitate delivery of the RSS feeds to your Game Library.
  • Game Statistics Files

    • This files maintain your  offline game score. If you want to clear your game score from your computer select this.
  • Recycle Bin

    • After you delete file it will still stay in Recycle bin to delete from recycle bin select this
  • Setup Log Files

    • Created by windows.
  • System error Memory dump files

    • Every time windows operating system crash it creates dump file so you can analyze the error. It is mostly used by IT gurus.
  • Temporary files

    • Most of the program stores some files in temp folder while they run.  It usually deletes its files but not all software does that.  It’s good to clean up files that are older than week.
  • Thumbnails

    • This is where windows keep copy of your pictures, video and document thumbnail. If you delete this it will slow down for temporary to recreate thumbnail. It’s good to keep this thumbnail unless you have changed or delete lots of pictures.
  • Per user archived Windows Error Report

    • Used for error reporting and solution checking with Microsoft.
  • Per user queued Windows Error Report

    • Used for error reporting and solution checking with Microsoft.
  • System archived Windows Error Report

    • Used for error reporting and solution checking with Microsoft.

To Run a Disk Clean up

  1. Click Start
  2. Click All Programs
  3. Select Accessories folder
  4. Select System Tools
  5. Click on Disk Cleanup
  6. If it ask you to select Disk Cleanup: Drive Selection select C Drive or you windows main drive.

Note: Select options based on your requirements.

  1. Click Ok
  2. Click Delete Files.

If you have any question please post here.

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