A Woman Spends $500 For The Surgery Of Her GoldFish

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Have you ever heard a fish surgery? Yeah!! A fish is gone through surgery in Brisbane, Australia. Vets from Australia said that a 21year old woman came with a fish problem after her goldfish accidentally

This Guy Saving A Dolphin Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

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It feels really great to stumble upon something that make you feel warm amidst the entire negative reports one come across while scanning newspapers and flipping channels of television about humanity being destroyed. This video

This Video Will Leave You Wondering “What Happened To His Hand?”

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What will you do if you go fishing and see a big fish? Sticking your hands out over water would not be the one. Am I right? Of course I am. But of all the

What A Disgusting Way Some People Use To Cure Asthma

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Yes! You read that right. Every year thousands of people gather at India’s Hyderabad Exhibition Ground to treat people with breathing problems. And how do they do that? They make the patient swallow a live

A Bizarre Translucent Sea Creature Spotted With Eaten Fish In Belly

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Underwater life is very fascinating, and we as humans have not discovered half of the species from the dark ocean. Photographer Wayne MacWilliams spotted the bizarre creature while blackwater diving, in 500ft of water two miles

He flips a glass aquarium up-side down, and see what the fishes do


In 2011, German YouTube user “TCHelmut” uploaded a video of his incredibly innovative new kind of aquarium which he built all by himself for his beloved koi fish in the middle of his garden pond. Its something