A Gigantic 30-Tonne Meteorite Has Been Discovered

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Locals in the small Argentinian town of Gancedo were in for a surprise when a massive meteorite was discovered earlier this week. It is the second biggest meteorite, having weight 30 tonnes. The meteorite was buried

Unbelievable Miracle Happened To A Boy Born With Huge Swollen Head

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Wow!! This is really a miracle… This story is about baby Parker he is one to his parents so they love him unconditionally. Specially his father, Ryan Grelecki who was there by his side the whole

Weird Sounds Were Coming From The Woods That Sounded Like Alien Invasion


What if you hear some scary high-pitched voice floating through the trees in the middle of night when all you are trying to do is to sleep. What would be your reaction? Will you be brave

Be Careful Of This Brain Eating Parasite This Summer

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Even playing around fresh water this summer could be dangerous because it may be hiding some horrible organism underneath that could basically kill you. Don’t believe us?? Ok then, let us take the story of

This Video Of Bearded Dragon Struggling To Get A Treat Is Funny

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Some people eat to live and some live to eat. For those who belong to second category, what would you do if you have a delicious pie in front of you and you keep running

A New Shade Of Blue Discovered Accidentally Has Miraculous Properties

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It is quite common in scientific researches, that when you venture to invent something, you discover something else along the path. That’s what happened when a material scientist Mas Subramanian at Oregon State University was

Plastic To Fuel: These Scientist Just Invented Life Saving Formula

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Every day we are producing waste in one form or other, but the worst form is the plastic waste. Being non-biodegradable that means earth cannot decompose them, they are most dangerous threat for earth. All

Turning carbon dioxide to stone, these scientists helped in curbing global warming

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Image: Kevin Krajick/lamont-doherty Earth Observatory We all are aware of carbon dioxide and its effect on our environment. So many research have been done, so many advices, cut offs is being implemented only

After Landing in a Vat of Tikka Masala, This Gull has turned Orange

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A sea gull got a day-glo makeover when it fell into a vat of chicken tikka masala in Wales. The bird was taken to a wildlife hospital that says it will be fine | Vale

Something Scared Leeteuk So Much To Shed Tears In Jungle

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Leader of the Super Junior, Leeteuk showed his weakness on the June 10 installment of SBS’s ‘Laws of the jungle’. Leeteuk who climbed up the tree with a determination of getting a hold