Dad Mocked Daughter’s “Sexy Photos” And It Has Gone Viral

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Being a parent to a teenage can be exhausting, there are so many factors from late night parties to their weird selfies on social media to deal with. Over the year parents might have adopted

Dad’s “Wardrobe Malfunction” For Baby Has Gone Viral

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When dads are given responsibility of a child, they always end up making headlines, for instance this Dad who babysits his grandbaby. In this case also what dad did with his daughter will leave you

What A Disgusting Way Some People Use To Cure Asthma

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Yes! You read that right. Every year thousands of people gather at India’s Hyderabad Exhibition Ground to treat people with breathing problems. And how do they do that? They make the patient swallow a live

Fierce video from the eye of a tornado will terrify you

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TORNADO!! This one word is enough to scare the hell out of you because we all know this massive power of nature leaves nothing but the dust behind when it hits a place. While there

Girl Had The Funniest Moment With Her Mom After Her Knee Surgery

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The curse of being in digital world is: everything can be recorded and sent. And the upside of this curse is the hilarious moments we get. So, a Twitter user, Julia Sherman went under knife

Girl Spots Mom In An Unexpected 16 Year Old Photo


Lu Yiqin, a young woman from Zhejiang,China was going though the photos of her now-husband, Zhang Hedong in preparation for their wedding. Thats when she made an astonishing discovery! She found a photograph of her husband

A Blind Man And His Armless Friend Did Something Extraordinary

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  Once-barren, environment around Yeli Village on the banks of Ye river in northeastern China were barren. Now it has over 12,000 trees irrigated by a small canal, all thanks to very unlikely but two

She Makes Gruesome Discovery In Freezer She Purchased From The Neighbor’s Daughter

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Sean Biehle/Flickr See License How many times have we thought of buying something used from online websites like ebay or craigslist? A lot, right? But when buying used things from an complete strangers makes us

Pregnant Woman Show A Bizarre Thing With Her Belly Button


What this pregnant women is experiencing is so bizarre! The original clip was posted by on Reddit under the subreddit WTF. As soon as he made the post, people started showing concerns by writing comments.

Grandma Freaks Out Watching This In Virtual Reality

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Ever wondered how grandparents would react to watching something in virtual reality?   Grandchildren of this woman who lives in Portadown, Northern Ireland convinced her to try watching Jurassic Park VR. Grandma doesnt seem to enjoy what she