Are These Nose Hair Extension A New Fashion Trend?

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Biologically every hair and every organ or part of our bodies have some scientific purpose. The nose hair protects us from breathing bacteria. The nose hair defends against harmful pathogens like germs, fungus, and spores.

Baby Born With Genetic Disorder Has 31 Fingers And Toes

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Hong Hong, a 4 month old boy from China, has 31 fingers and toes. The boy was born in January with 15 fingers and 16 toes in Pingjiang Country in Hunan province. He don’t have

Weird Sounds Were Coming From The Woods That Sounded Like Alien Invasion


What if you hear some scary high-pitched voice floating through the trees in the middle of night when all you are trying to do is to sleep. What would be your reaction? Will you be brave

What They Found In Their Porch Is An Absolute Nightmare

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If you are among those people who screams at the top of their voice on spotting a lizard then this will give you nightmares. The small lazy lizard that does nothing but sticks to one

What This Woman Is Eating Will Make You Skip Dinner

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You might have traveled the whole world, or are planning to do so. Visiting exotic places and savoring different cuisines are the only motivation. Isn't that right? But eating live scorpions?? I guess that has taken the

Snake Stuck In Endless Loop Of Its Own Shedding Skin

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A weird and bizarre thing happened Alice Spring Reptile Center in Alice Spring, Australia. And you probably are wondering what this is all about. Actually what you are looking at is dead skin of a snake. Well!!

The Eye Popping World Record…Literally!!


Holding a world record is really incredible; to be the only person in the world to do something must be a nice feeling. But not everything that people do to have their name registered is

Is this security camera footage an evidence of ghosts??


“Are ghost real?” this is like a century old stuff to have debate upon. There are people claiming they believe in ghosts and will come up with some spooky stories of their own and yet

He Heard Banging Noise From Ceiling And Was Shocked To Find Out What It Was

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How would you feel if you are coming back to your house and notices something weird hanging out of your ceiling? Taking a closer look to it, you realizes it’s not a rope or something

What A Disgusting Way Some People Use To Cure Asthma

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Yes! You read that right. Every year thousands of people gather at India’s Hyderabad Exhibition Ground to treat people with breathing problems. And how do they do that? They make the patient swallow a live