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10 Cool Uses Of Toothpick That You Never Though Of

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Toothpick is one such pick which is been found in almost everybody home. Generally the use of toothpick is picking pieces of food from your teeth. But there’s much more that they can help you to

Know This Smart Hack For Checking Propane Level, Thank Us Later!

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Well, if your idea of perfect summer Sunday never skips backyard cookout, then you will be thankful of this little hack. Of all the stuff important to have a perfect cookout, the grill obviously is

DIY: Bring The CD’s Back From Your Store Room And Put Them To Good Use

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Remember the time when we used to have racks filled with CDs of our favorite movies or songs. Well those days are gone with the advent of internet but racks of our store room are

9 Incredibly Useful Things You Can Do With LEGO

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Everyone has played with LEGO once in their lifetime! But have you done anything else with those LEGO bricks, other than just playing with them?? HouseholdHacker shares 9 Incredibly Useful LEGO hacks that everyone must be using around

DIY: A Cool Looking Table That You Can Make Over The Weekend for Just Under $30

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Are you a DIYer? Don't have any plans for this coming long weekend? Or are you looking to build an outdoor brick pizza oven in your backyard? Wanna add a modern and elegant looking table

What A Cool Thing To Do At This Bar In Dubai!

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When you had a busy morning, or didn't got enough sleep at night, or had a heavy lunch, the best thing you can think of doing is taking a nap. But the problem is you

You Will Be Surprised To see What This Man Turned His Classic Mac Computer Into

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Via Imgur A man bought a few classic Mac, a decade ago with a thought of doing something with it some day in future.  But he never ended up doing something with it until one

Have you seen a floating plant? Meet “Air Bonsai”

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"Bonsai" is a Japanese art of growing small miniature trees or shrubs in a pot mostly for ornamental purposes. Bonsai plants are uses mostly for interior decoration in homes or offices. They are artificially grown in